Panjab as seen at Tikri, Gazipur and Singhu borders

Panjab is not just a land with borders...

Panjab is not just a land with borders, but it is a brotherhood among the people living there. The nectar of the five rivers that flow from the Himalayas gives people the strength to stand against any injustice. The fruit of the seeds that are sown in the fertile land fills the stomach of not only 136 crore Indians living in the country but also the people outside our country. The prayers from the Gurudwara’s, Temple's, Masjid's are first for the wellness of the entire mankind and then for self.

I am talking about that Panjab which has joined hands with hands to protest the 3 Farm bills. The people from Panjab, Haryana, U.P, Rajasthan and other states have gathered near Delhi borders to fight for their rights, leaving behind their home, their loved ones.

The Panjab prior to 1947 can be seen at Tikri, Ghazipur and Singhu borders. There is peace, brotherhood, love and one motive to get the 3 Farm bills repealed.

People of Panjab have always stood together against injustice and history is the witness.


Though the people of Panjab were partitioned with physical borders but the hearts of the people are still connected with each other.

Hope the farmers get their rights so that they can go back to home happily.

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