My CoronaVirus Experience

My legs were so achy that I had to lay down with an electric blanket....

2020 has been dominated by coronavirus. The news is saturated by it and it has impacted everyone's life in some way this year. 

Corona hit the UK in late Feb of this year and I recently caught and recovered from it (Dec 2020). 

I’ve had the test 4 times this year, basically anytime I got a sore throat or cough and everytime I tested negative until my most recent test in December.

I may have caught corona from my son's school, the gym or at a local coffee shop. 

I woke up on a normal Saturday morning at 4.30 am and came downstairs to do simran with my wife but my legs were so achy that I had to lay down with an electric blanket. I thought the pain was down to over training and too much running, but I started to feel worse and worse over the course of an hour. 

I also gave up coffee a day or 2 before so thought it could be flu like caffeine withdrawal symptoms (apparently that's a real thing). Coffee addiction is a real thing!

I cancelled work for the day and went back to sleep; I ended up sleeping for 3 days. 

Over the course of a week, I had pain everytime I woke up and felt like it wasnt shifting. The symptoms progressed into a cough, headache, temperature and weaknesses (even getting up the stairs was hard) and lethargy (I didn't even have the energy to eat). 

A week later, I woke up without pain and the headache started to lift for periods. I was elated. 

I appreciated my health, having lost it for a short period. 

I lost a total of 8kg / 1 stone despite my effort to keep eating so I don't lose strength. 

2 weeks later, I had my first run to open up my lungs (it was very slow) and I have enough energy to do stuff again. 

The kids kept me busy and kept me going, I wanted to get better so I could contribute to the family again. I’m happy to be better but tbh for me, it seemed like a flu. I can appreciate how it would be hard for the elderly and sick but I think anyone will a decent immune symptom should be able to get better with basic self care such as:

  • SLEEP as much as possible

  • Stay hydrated 

  • Stay warm (this really helped me with my body pain)

  • Give yourself time ample time to rest and recover (it can take anything between a week and a few months)

Lastly this is my experience and it is not a replacement for individualised medical advice. Please discuss any issues you have with your doctor. 

Wishing you health and happiness.


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