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Slow Food is a global, grassroots movement with supporters from over 150 countries around the world. Basically, the opposite of FAST FOOD, slow food is home-cooked healthy meals which are good for our bodies as well as the environment.

The slow food diet has these three components: 

1. Fesh

2. Local

3. Healthy

Eating sensibly and seasonally doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money and is an investment of money and time into our long-term health. 

Six Positive Benefits of Trying More Slow Food

1. Seasonal food is more nutritious

Food is integral to Sikhi

Eating in-season food means it’s fresher and contains more nutrients, which your body needs to stay in optimum condition. This means high energy and a reduced risk of many preventable, diet-related diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, consuming nutritionally dense in-season food helps to maintain healthy body weight. The simple fact is that healthier food choices help to ensure we live a better quality and quantity of life. 

2. Less exposure to harmful chemicals

Slow food is produced by local farmers. Fresh food typically has fewer chemicals, preservatives, and genetic modifications. That means we’re assured of better and tastier food that’s been grown by people who are part of our community. 

3. You can save money

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In Sikh history farming had always produced 'slow food'...

Seasonal slow food is actually cost-effective. Buying in-season food means less refrigeration, less transport, and less irradiation of produce. Without the added refrigeration and transportation expenses, eating this way can be cost-effective. Look around your area and see what’s available from local farmers.

4. More environmentally friendly

The initial aim of the slow food diet was to protect good food, farmers, and the environment. When you choose to eat slow, the demand for out-of-season and imported produce is reduced and you do your bit for the environment.

5. Supports local small businesses

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Food quality is also about spiritual health

It’s essential to support local producers to strengthen local economies. I like knowing that my purchasing decisions help to ensure community farms will still be there tomorrow. 

6. It’s convenient

You may think that buying organic and/or following the slow food diet makes it difficult to source your food. There are, however, reliable and convenient online stores that do all the leg work for you while supporting local producers. Do a quick google search to see what’s available in your area. 

In Summary

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Although it’s not for everyone, I can see a greater number of people opting for this slower and more thoughtful way of preparing, cooking and consuming food. Personally, I have found learning to cook and prepare food to be a bountiful experience especially when carried out with the help of my two children. It’s fun family time, they get to eat good healthy food and we get to learn and grow together. 

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