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It sometimes leads us to believe that we know everything....



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The process of learning also feeds the Ego, creating a mist around our subtle faculties that perceive the world. It sometimes leads us to believe that we know everything. Therefore as part of our development, it is important to remain humble and associate with people who are more knowledgeable.

Here I was standing in the cold Himalayan night at Syalsur in Uttarakhand (India), observing the horizon illuminated by the moon that had not yet risen. A tree on the mountain top, basking in the spotlight created by the illumination, seemed to be making an egoistic statement, “Look at me. It’s my night.”

Moments later, as the full-moon rose above the horizon, it stole the entire limelight away from the lone tree, which now seemed to be saying, “I realize the egoistic mistake made in that moment of glory.”

Observing the dynamism of this evolving situation, I was reminded of a hymn from Adi Granth, the spiritual scripture of the Sikhs, that reminds us of the vainness of momentary glories.

What can I say about this illusion, for things are not as they may seem?

Till I existed, You did not. Now that You do, I has vanished.

Momentarily wind may raise waves in the Ocean but soon water merges with water.

Our state is like a King who becomes a beggar in his sleep.

Even though his kingdom remains intact, he suffers in sleep.

Like a rope in darkness may be mistaken for a snake.

Looking at the Gold bracelets, we forget that its sub-stratum is only Gold.

Reality is that He pervades everywhere, but in Ego we consider ourselves different.

Says Ravidas, He is nearer than our own hands, realize this with equipoise.

                                       Bhagat Ravidas, page 657 of Adi Granth

It is therefore important to keep the Ego in check.

Indeed, the more I learn, the less I know!

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