Life asks that we experience it through passions and this existence should not be limited to performance of daily chores.

Born in India, living in Singapore, I have been a wanderer since the early age of seven. To flourish my individuality, I was sent to boarding schools across the valley of Dehradun, in the foothills of Himalayas. Studied at Welham Boys School till the age of 13 and thereafter at The Doon School. Fascinated with machines, pursued engineering at Manipal Institute of Technology and later acquired an MBA at University of Chicago.

Pursuing a long and hectic career in the financial industry at American Express, with the corporate environment offering only a rational outlook, I fuelled my creativity by continuously tapping the right side of the brain.

My passions have evolved and changed many times. It’s this aspect of the wandering personality that is best described as,

“Just as a white summer cloud, in harmony with heaven and earth freely floats in the blue sky from horizon to horizon following the breath of the atmosphere – in the same way the pilgrim abandons himself to the breath of the greater life that… leads him beyond the farthest horizons to an aim which is already present within him, though yet hidden from his sight.”

I have been trying to see the world beyond seeing!