Langar in Perú

We serve around 300 children, twice a month with nutritive food....

Many years ago I started Langar in Perú, inspired by Gurubachan Singh Khalsa.

I started preparing sandwiches and hot chocolate for about 30 homeless teenagers once a week at night for about 5 months. Then a friend began to help and we had to change the place and the hour to serve Langar.

We started to cook lentils with rice and vegetables for approx 50 people at the Fruit Market. We served there for about 4 years, serving around 300 people twice a month.

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Now, since 2 years ago, we moved to another place, where there is a lot of need. It is a community of people who came from the jungle in Peru fleeing narco-terrorism. They live in wood houses, above a landfill. They have make-shift sewage and don't have proper drinking water. As a result of these shortcomings, children suffer from skin diseases, like scabies; stomach and dental problems; lung diseases in cold weather and intense humidity.

We serve around 300 children, twice a month with nutritive food. Beyond food we brought them hope, a place to share and grow up knowing that there are nice people, they can trust in God, and that they can grow in that vibration. LOVE.

IN WAHI GURU!!!!!!!!


Baltej Kaur Khalsa

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