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Trigger Warning ⚠️ Males Suicide Article - If you feel uncomfortable or triggered by suicide please do not watch this!

On the 17th of December 2021 22 year old Amandeep Singh UK (known as @deepyyyy on IG) tragically took his life. 

Deep posted online explaining how he had been suffering from depression. 

Deep was an Instagram influencer with over 30,000 followers and was known for his love of cars. 

Thousands of posts and comments were shared on social media and a fundraising page has now been set up to raise money for the mental charity Mind in his memory. To view the page or donate 


@sikhdad and I created a safe space to discuss the topic of Men’s mental health within our community shortly after the news spread. We went through the community’s questions and covered the below topics:

▪️Male Suicide Stats/Survey

75% of all suicides in the UK are male

46% of males state they have had suicidal thoughts

No.1 cause of death for men under 45 in the UK is suicide

▪️What you should avoid saying

Avoid saying 

“think about what will happen to us”

 “man up”

“you need to do more paath”

▪️How to prevent it from happening

Reach out to your friends on a regular basis and talk.

Be vulnerable with someone and show them that it's ok for men to be vulnerable.

Seek if you or anyone you know is experience mental health illness.

Try different interventions and see what works for you (therapy, support groups, friends, mental health charities or emergency services).


Simran, gurbani and sangat can save someone's life but it’s important to meet a person where they are at and support them in the way they would like to be supported. Listening is a proven and powerful intervention. 


If you’re supporting someone who is suicidal it is important to also lead the person to the appropriate services.


In the meantime if you feel like reaching out @sikhyourmind have a free and confidential helpline - 0333 210 1021 (7pm until 9pm daily) Live chat is available on their website www.sikhyourmind.com (7pm until 9pm daily).

Crisis info: If you find yourself or someone else at risk and needing immediate help, please do not hesitate to call 999 immediately or go directly to your nearest A&E.

Samaritans: Phone 116 123, 24 hours a day, or email [email protected], in confidence

Childline: Phone 0800 1111. Calls are free and won't show up on your bill

Platform 1 men's community group: Support for issues including mental health problems and addiction recovery. Visit the website or call 01484 421143.

Andy's Man Club: [email protected]

PAPYRUS: A voluntary organisation supporting suicidal teens and young adults. Phone 0800 068 4141

Mind: A charity offering support and advice for people with mental health problems. www.mind.org.uk phone 0300 123 3393

Students Against Depression: A website for students who are depressed, have low mood, or are suicidal. Click here to visit

Bullying UK: A website for both children and adults affected by bullying. Click here

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM): For young men who are feeling unhappy. There's a website and a helpline: 0800 58 58 58

MindOut: Provide support and advice on mental health for members of LGBTQ communities. Phone 01273 234839

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