"I Seek" ~ Poem by Artika A Bakshi

Today, I seek that Healer...

I Seek


In a world fighting against itself,
I seek brotherhood;
In homes, where greed and discontent reign,
I seek oneness;
In bonds, which are bound by selfishness,
I seek graciousness;

Where religion divides,
Where values dissipate,
Where rituals dictate,
Where morality has died,
I seek a revolution;

For when darkness prevails,
And humanity is forgotten,
When freedom is at stake,
And the minds are distraught,
I seek a saviour;

There was one, hundreds of years ago,
when the world was at crossroads,
Being strangled by the merchants of faith,
With a smile to warm even the coldest soul,
And words so sweet, touching the core of every heart,
Today, I seek that healer;

Nanak, the gentlest of gentle souls,
Radiant, pure, with a heart of pure gold,
Wise, divine, in our hearts even today,
This is what he had to say...


Poem by Artika Aurora Bakshi
in commemoration of 550th Birth Anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev ji.


Artika Aurora Bakshi is the author of two well-acclaimed children’s books, My Little Sikh Handbook, My Little Sikh Handbook 2: Ardas, and an anthology of stories,
Hold On To Me. Her first story, set in Amritsar, during the pre-Partition period, All She Had Left, was published on Story Mirror. 
She co-manages thegoodbookcorner.com, a manuscript help and book review site
Artika is also working on her third children’s book in the My Little Sikh Handbook series and a second anthology of stories.
You can reach Artika at [email protected] .

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