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Guru Nanaks Journey to Arab Countries Part 2

According to Arabic Manuscripts

This is part 2 in a 2 part article series on Nanak’s journey to Arab countries

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After arriving in Medina, Guru Nanak sat on the platform of the mausoleum of Mohammad Sahib and said in the Arabic language, nine kund seven Deep, fourteen Tabak were divided into three groups. Hindu religion (four Vedas), all divide the life of the creature into four parts. Khuda Vahid (one), which is familiar, unique. '

When people heard the voice of Kirtan, that also reached the mazar of Mohammad Sahib, their blood started  to boil with anger . They also took stones, sticks, knives anything they could as they would have liked to kill Guru Sahib. As soon as they tried to hit with their hands,  to kill, their hands would be stalled there. When the people called the caliphs of the son-in-law of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib, he was frightened to hear of  the great miracle, he came with his companions Qazi, Mullahs, and they put fingers in their ears so that the sound of Kirtan did not reach their ears. Now their fingers were sticking in their ears.

Four cemeteries of four communities: Zafar Sahib, Emam Shafee, Kamal Din and Jamal Din were all surprised to see the power. Emam Zafar sits with the Guru lovingly listening to kirtan. After the end of the Kirtan, he bore with goodwill and slyness that the people had done a great contempt. In 'Explain off-the-clock-by-sight The compassionate Guruji had given forgiveness and all will be in its normal condition. At that time, everybody, including the King, decorated and confessed to himself (Baba Nanak ji) the last Nabi in Medina, and started worshiping him as their prophet. Guru ji himself had spread 27 days of ethical principles and obligations. When all the Emams, Khalifs and Pirs etc. requested ta Nishani (sign) to be given, then Baba ji gave them a footprint of their feet, whose vision is still done and his story is told. Mr. Prithipal Singh ji told the sangat that he had made a glimpse of that Nishani .The philosophy of which is still performed today. 

After this Baba Nanak came to the city of Kuffa. The city was an old and peaceful city near the Euphrates River. Out of the elders of the city of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib, it is home of Emam Mayeh. there is a element of gravity. Here the Tajies had killed Hazrat Ali's son Hussein along with his family, prominently  known for 'Karbala', which is in the Mohmadey corner outside the city. In addition to this, there is a magnificent shrine to  'Nanak Vali Hind' in the cemetery. According to Tajdin, Baba ji preached the word for three months and 27 days. The  tomb is  managed by the ancestry of Maya. The people of the city were very affectionate. He used to listen to Kirtan very lovingly and remove the doubts of his heart by asking questions to Baba ji.

In that sangat, a woman who was very well-liked and well-known, wanted to know more and sat in a corner and listened to the kirtan which was being held in the Arabic language with tender affection. Tajdin has written her name 'Salima' in his book 'Sahayatu Baba Nanak Fakir'. Her husband was a camel trader. His name was Ghulam Yahiya Khan. It was evening time. Salima was supposed to have meditation in the  Kirtan. Baba ji asked Tajdin to alert Salima. They write that they were surprised at Baba ji as he did not ever ask them to do something. She herself went home in the evening. He ordered me to become close to her and she was clever. When the eyes opened, Baba ji said, 'Beta! Go home early. '

She bowed down on the Guru's feet and was light in the heart and the inter-faith (to know the inside of each and every heart). After taking ten steps away she came back and said, my husband has returned after his visit. Tomorrow I will also bring them along. Baba ji said, 'Beta, Allah is not revealed to Jalal. Insist inside itself. ' She came back home after decorating Baba ji. Her husband was sitting alone because she was not at home. Some people had told him that  she would sit in the cemetery without leaving all the Islamic principles aside :Namaz, Kalma etc near 

Hindi fakir, who seemed to be a disbeliever, sat with him for a long time. When her husband came home, Salima met him very lovingly, but he looked at her with great pity. Salima made a good meal and told him to eat, so he said " you merge my honour into the soil". Salima said that due to the depth of  her deepest faith and devotion, he reached home safely, otherwise he would have been killed in exchange for murder according to the Egyptian court's decision. He said, 'Salima, how do you know if I did not mention the matter to anyone?' Salima said again, 'You came out of Egypt and took five hundred pearls buried in the ground, which was given by the niece Majeed.' He was surprised and said, 'I did not even mention this to anyone. Salima, how did you know the truth? ' Salima said, 'First ask yourself why you had to go to the Egyptian court?' He said,I was going to take my morning prayers outside of Egypt City, then my legional camel was beaten by breaking a tree in a garden. The old owner of the garden came out of the garden and hit a big stone on the camel's head, and the camel was dead. I was very fond of the camel, and I took the same stone and killed the old man, he too died. I was running with my caravan but the grandchildren of the old man caught me and presented me in the Egyptian court. The judge, after hearing both sides, told me that if your camel was killed by the owner of the garden, then you should have claimed the  value of the camel. You have to be murdered for murder. It is the law of Egypt. He urged the ruler that I have 500 orphans Ashrifes , that noone knows about, only me, If I am given three days, then I will come back with the payment.

 The Judge said, "You can go for bail only. Salima! The court was in full swing. Finally, in the corner, looking at white cloths and glowing faces watching with a deep perspective, as if he was ready to give bail. If he come to me they say, I am ready to give bail. On the question of the Judge , he clearly said that if the person is not present at the appointed time, then I am ready to be killed in lieu of the case. I got a three-day notice, Salima! If the righteous person does not give me bail, then I can not return the money kept by the orphans and neither can I return home. If orphans money not returned and in exchange my bona fide surety was to be murdered, which I did not want to be harassed. Salima!When I reached the court after running  fast at the speed of the camel, I had told the ruler that he would never return, and the issues (claimant) had told the ruler that he would never return. Let the convict be sentenced to be sentenced to death. The surety bolstered the chest and said that, if I give justice to the issues, I should be sentenced to death, I am ready to be killed. After I reached court, I went to the Judge and called the 'Cemetery Officer'. Everyone is surprised to see me. I told the ruler that if the issues are dealt with, I should be sentenced to death. Let the rulers remain silent for a while, then after considering the thought that the court acquits you due to your goodness and the virtue of your security. Salima! I went out of court to thank the good man but could not find him. ' Salima said that 'Will you be familiar with the face of that security? ' 'Why not, it is a well-known identity, who has saved my life.'

Salima said, 'You have eaten , I will come in a little while.' He asked, 'Where to go?' He replied, 'Allah bearer of the people.' He said, 'I have heard that he is Hindi?' 'Yes, he is Hindi and I want you to go with me and look after him.' He said with a loud voice, 'Watch the Kafirs! Can never be such My trust is on Khuda and his prophet . ' Salima said, 'Any poisonous thing is visible in your pocket. Beware! Do not touch your hands in a pocket. ' Saying bad to Salima, if he hands in a pocket, the scorpion cut him and he started shouting. Salima put all his poison in her mouth and then he got all right. He said, 'You are going to be the mantra.' Salima said,I do not know any other device. All of them are the people of Allah, who are blocking me to know. ' He said, 'If so, take me with you too.' When Baba came to see him, he saw it in front and said, 'Salima! If that is the case, it is really those who saved my life by giving my security, they ran and fell at Baba Nanak's feet.

The Guru loved him and informed him of secrets of Almighty . Salima also bowed down to Baba ji. Now every day, Yahia Khan is away from his work and attends Baba Ji's kirtan. Many more people started coming to see him. The people who first incited him against Salima, provoked the great Qazi of the city against Guru Sahib and gave the Fatwa for Yahia Khan and Salima, and the guru was also kaffir. Qazi's name was Pascali.

 After two days and the completion of morning kirtan, in the audience (sangat), the Janab Yaqub  Salib told Sangat, " Pashali is suffering from stomach disorders for three days today. He said that he gave Baba ji the oath of disobedience.”

 All the sangat responded by saying,” Lanteual ha Ahulall- Khanaas” , that is, dishonest of the Allah on that devil. Baba ji asked the devotees to be patience and told the devotees that we would be sick of him. Mardana ji said that how is it justice , he should die. The Guru said, 'should do good to the bad.' Let's talk to him for his illness. Mardana ji and Tajuddin also walked behind them. When the door knocked at her house, about eleven year old girl opened the door and asked, 'Who are you, and what is the work?' Baba ji said, 'My name is Nanak and meeting Qazi ji.' Nanak listened to the girl and said, 'Let me go immediately from my house by telling them.' The girl gave Baba ji the same words. Baba ji told the girl that 'tell her that you are sick.'Having a vision of Baba ji to the girl, she has a very good effect on her heart. The girl again said the words of Baba Ji to the father and he gave the same answer. The girl said, 'I can not say, it is good that you go.' To that girl Baba ji said, 'Tell him that your kafir is going to apologize.' He asked the girl to tell him to come in with a bed sheet. Baba ji did the same thing, Baba ji covered the sheet. By the sight of the Guru, the Qazi's soul, which was a fire bug, would be cold-headed. His ignorance is broken. The step of Baba Nanak attempted to get kadam bosi (service) but due to weakness,Pashahali could not stand up, then he came in hand beside him, that he was perfectly healthy. Baba ji came to him with a bang. Mardana ji and Tajdin should be surprised that the enemy has embraced. Now the  Qazi sees that the angels are dragging him and taking him to hell. At the same time there was a sudden sound, 'Beware!' Do not put him in the fire, but has been given. The person will now go to the house. ' The Yamdoots asked, how have they been blessed in a short time? It is said that the lively Almighty Karim Alamgir is wearing the jama and is traveling to the world. He has become His sight. After seeing the scene, as soon as he sensed, Tajuddin noticed that he lived, i.e. his death.  This news spread across the city then the entire city came under the feet of Baba ji. 

Now, for more than three months, Baba ji has been preaching in the Arabic language about the kindness of God, the blessings, his many greatities and the whole horoscope. Understanding the meaning of Gurbani, Baba ji told the audience that to get the true life by divorcing the evils and strengthening the process of living in the sound of 'Sat Kartar', rising, sitting, walking, sleeping . On the last day, Salima and her husband Yahia Khan raised their hands and requested that their departure will not be tolerated and when will they be present? The Guru said handed them Gutka Sahib in the Arabic language of Japji Sahib (Arabic) . Recite it daily and you will be able to read  and have a glimpse of myself. Ghulam Yahia Khan has made Baba ji's beautiful memorial in that cemetery, whose name is 'Yadhgar Vali Hind'. According to Tajdin, 15 percent of the people in the town are Jatajut and followers of Baba ji. Most of the cases are descendants of the grandfather of Mawiya and Hazrat Mohammad Sahib. The Arabic language Gutka Sahib of Japuji Sahib is still visible to the people of today.

Karun Hamid Story:

 After walking, Baba ji reached across the Gulf, city whose name was 'Kae Kae'. This was the city of the emperor of Egypt. Outside the Emperor's Fort Baba ji started having Darbar and started performing kirtan in the Egyptian language. By listening to the voice of the kirtan, the king's master and many people will start to grow. After hearing the Kirtan, its heart gets cold. The name of the king was Karun Hammed. The emperor had the 'Pir Jalal' Murshad. Listening to Kirtan has a very good effect on her mind. He  requested Baba ji that I am the King of the Kings, he is very cruel. People are suffering very much. It is very miserable,Chali ganj (40 treasure) is kept  of the wealth. Not satisfied now, after being brought down to the coffins of the people, they are packing their treasure. Get her straight way. 

 Baba ji said, 'I am from here. God will do good. ' Seeing Pir Jalal, listening to the large sangat kirtan began to calm down their souls. Seeing the right time, Pir Jalal informed the king that the huge pir of Hindus is coming out of their fort, whose eyes blaze when they see them. Mecca Kawba has also curved up. They do Kirtan, which is a great effort. The king said, get me also. Pir Jalal took him to the Guru Darbar. It was evening time. Seeing a crowd of people, the emperor is very surprised and has a tremendous effect on the soul as soon as he can burn. Happily celebrating and sat down. King requested that please see grace for me so that I can be saved. Baba ji gave a needle in his hand and said, 'Yes, It is my treasure,Keeping them safe. He grabbed the notice and said when will he get back the property. Baba ji said, I will go to the next world. The emperor said that the next world does not go along with anything. Baba ji said, what do you do with the forty treasures? Then he came to understand and said, 'What do you say?' So the Guru said that divide the poor among the poor, do the work of the common people and keep the name of God in your heart and stay busy in their Bandagi.You are free from you.

He listened to that confidence and declared that he would do the same. Pir Jalal is very happy to kept the needle and keep him happy. All the wealth of the country was distributed among the poor. Baba Nanak ji started crying all over the country. The peer has made a plate to spread the virtue of the Guru  on the bank of the Farat canal outside 'Kae Kae' city, whose name is 'Wali Hind'.  Guruji's needle’s glimpse is possible  and the whole story told to the people. Mr. Prithipal Singh (Mushtaq Hussain) in his speech told the sangat that he had a glimpse of that shrine .

Meeting with Peer Baghdad and redeemed him

After this, Baba Nanak, to redeem Pir Baghdad, went to his hometown of Baghdad. In the big cemetery there, , the city's corner is camped in the big forest of palm trees and can describe the words 'Pataalian  Patalal lac agasian agaas' and explain to the audience that God has made millions of worlds like us. Pir Baghdad’s student was also present in the audience. He ran up to Pir and told him what he had heard and told that our prophet  has made fourteen tabaks, he says millions  and   are playing music contrary to posterity. See me as a disgrace. Other people there also heard it. At that time, Pir was the fifth person to own the throne and his name was Abdul Rahman. When he heard, he became red and yellow, and said, 'Bring my horse and come, I will soon destroy him.' Horse 'On the other hand, he ran fast, and on the other hand, his followers had provoked other people and they ran with stones, sticks, knives. Pir ji's horse stopped suddenly, even before Baba ji was sitting. Strangely enough, the horse could not move forward. When lifting my head, I could not bear the light of the Guru's face, my eyes closed. Through the time of dedicating from the Dargah of God to me, I was proud to say that your brother is your only horse, who has stopped you from destroying Baba ji despite killing your keys. Those who come to you with the intention to fall are those who have been circumcised by Tuwaf (Parikma), Mecca Kawba, and many like Pirs, Khalifs and Rukkidin Qazis, after hundreds of questions and answers to them. Steps'Not only fall on them, but they will be left with them and get redeemed. After that, Pir got up and down the horse, descended from the shoes and walked barefoot to the feet of Baba ji, and went out of the jawless words:

Ah Pir e dastgir tu dast marabgir

Dastum duna bagir ki goeind dastgir

Meaning - O my God Nanak, please, take my hand. Hold on as loudly as when hears my prayers, he will be happy that his master has held his hand in the hands of a cavalier man. Keep my head warm. Baba ji should take his head with his blessed hand from his footsteps and explain that your holy one is accepted in the Dargah. Those who had come to Baba ji to call Baba ji as a kafir, they were being reddish by seeing them worship their pir. When he looked back, nearly a thousand men stood in hand with stones, sticks, knives, etc. on their hands. Seeing that, Pir ji asked him, 'Do not be surprised by the audience I have waved, I have started to recognize and celebrate. They are prophets, not pirs. See with my eyes, they are Gods. You also celebrate and salute. Baba ji said to him,If you request mercy, then all hands come down. Seeing all, everyone decorated Guru Nanak Sahib and sat in a cold seat.

              A man said, why do you sing? In response, Baba ji explained that Hazrat Mohammad Sahib used to go to the younger Aiesha to sit on the shoulder and listen to the singing of Balochs every day. On hearing this secret, everyone praised and celebrated Guru Sahib. Now openly, every day kirtan starts taking place. Dastagir Sahib started attending every day in Kirtan. Seeing them, a large number of people sat in the satsang and started listening to the words to clean the dirt on their hearts. In all the cities, the 'Sat Kartar, Sat Kartar' started fluttering.

Faqir Bahilol Redeemed

 There is a river called Dajla outside the city. On the shore a Fakir lived by making a cottage and his name was Bahilol. He had heard Baba Nanak's admonition from his followers about how Mecca Kaba has Circumambulation (parkarma) for them.

  PIR Dastgir came with all his followers and associated with him  and was very happy to see Baba ji. What he questioned Guru Sahib about eradicated the doubts of his heart, the responses were to his full satisfaction and deepened his heart and love for Baba ji. The Guru said that the person needs to do his Bandagi by killing all the world's wishes, erasing all covetous greed and being present all the time.  Behalol Faqir was very happy after hearing this and requested that his cottage be holy with his holy steps. By seeing the Bahilol’s request and love, Guru ji agree, Bahilol took Baba ji to his cottage with his followers and left for the Baba ji's seat to sit with his hands outside the cottage. For a long time the discussion continued with the Gurū. Behilol after discussions, then asked for food. Understanding the Guru's voice to the silence, Bahilol ji asked his disciple , Amar Raza, to prepare meals by taking food items from the market. At that time Baba ji was wearing a comb on his head and two hair came in the comb. Baba Ji asked Amar Raza, what is it? he said Moea (hair). Baba ji said no hair, but the  glasses. If you are going to take food items, they should be taken from a man’s shop. Behlol ji said,The city is called Pirena-Pir Dastgir Ji's. All were convinced that due to the people living in the city of Dastgir Ji, they would get all the immorality (forgiveness of sins). So, they are living the life of all the newborns. The Guru said, "It is not like that. In the home of Almighty , the person who has done something in life, is counted. If we live in the city of Pir Ji, we will be given a gift, not correct. The Guru give a takka(money) to Amar Raza and said that to take the baggage of the spec, the spectacles that you have given are hanging on your eyes to see whether the shop is good. As he said, he went to the market and saw glasses in the shop, and he saw the deer. Then he went to another shop and saw the cock. As he looked at some shops, he could not see anything. Being upset, they left empty hands. After seeing a small shop,The owner of which was Jatajote(hair) . His eyes were glowing over his head and his face. When the immortality of the glass was seen in the spectrum of the spectacles that was seen without the spectacles. Looking back at the glasses, it will be convinced that the real is the result. Let the shopkeeper stop and tell what was needed. When the shopkeeper identified the takka and brought the material to Amar Raza by putting it in the forehead, Amar Raza said, 'I had paused you, but you have mistakenly given too much material.' In reply, he said, 'Yes, the goods are not of that takka, the price of that takka is infinite, which I can not give. The equipment that has been given is worth the price of that stock. Quickly, you are getting annoyed. ' Amar Raza came and told Behlol what he saw. Bihilol ji believed in Baba ji and grew up believing him as Allah's face. In the evening,Come back on. There were infinite people in the evening kirtan, which was the reason for the fact that the great Peer Abdul Rehman Dastgir of Bagdad was also attending along with his colleagues.

On the day after Kirtan, Mardana Ji requested the Guru to go now to another place because the water is very bitter. Baba ji replied to Mardana that the land has heard the Kirtan of praise of God. He will give sweet and water to yourself and all the Sangat with sweet water. Baba ji gave his Asa (stick) to Mardana ji and said, put him in front of the ground. After ordering, Mardana ji had a vehicle in Asa land that a glass of water came out, which was sweet. All the sangat has purified their hearts by drinking Aabey e-hayat (amrit). Later, the fountain was transformed into a well, whose name is ' Spring of Wali Hind'.

 The  water of this spring was taken by people away from home. Behlol ji kept on requesting to the Guru and spent many days. Later, in the shape of Baba ji's memorial Chabotrey style , Beholol ji built, under which both Arabic and Turkish languages ​​exist today. That is, Bahilol says,

"You are obviously the one who fulfills the prayer. Come what may be in the world with Baba Nanak Naam in the fakir tabhaas! I have identified I do the memorable memory, which will remain to the coming generations. It is important for the people to get help from you that they will get a good reply to their well-deserved deeds (917 Hijri, 5 shival). "

              In the 1914 World War, the Sikh soldiers constructed a small room on the platform. Baghdad is free after the war, many Sindhis and other Sikh traders arrive. To touch the soil that touched Guru Sahib's feet and make your good work, make a magnificent tower (gurdwara). Now the mark of the tower is exalted from the city of Baghdad and it is visible from four sides of Baghdad. The bar that was on the roof (inscription) was now in front of the court barricades. They have done a great favor because they have installed Sri Guru Granth Sahib and installed the Granthi Sahib. The management of the Gurdwara Sahib is with the descendants of Bahilol ji's disciple Amar Raza. They also have a holy book, in which there is a text of Japuji Sahib(Arabic) and some words are also the dialogue of Mecca and Baghdad.


Mushtaq Hussain meets his father

Mushtaq Hussain gave his father a copy of 'Sahityo Baba Nanak Faqir' and 'Twarikh-e-Arab' by giving the shape of a book, so that his thoughts would be known and he started thinking that after reading two days his thoughts Will shared with me But I did not call for two days and on the third day I asked for a book but they refused. I was very disappointed, just like I lost everything. Then I started looking for a sign of Guru Nanak Sahib in the streets of Medina, then I saw a convoy, which was going on trial for a whole lot. I had read in the book 'Sahityo Baba Nanak Faqir' that before coming to Mecca, the Guru had come to the city and there was a familiar way to redeem people. I thought why not go with the caravan and see the people of the place and about the people of Guru Nanak.Get acquainted with their views. After thinking, I went with the caravan without informing my father. The camel, who was still in his state, went with him. He rode a camel and crossed the desert lake in five days, reaching Baitul's Mukadus. On the way,I came to know that the camel owner is a Sindhi and he is a believer of Baba Nanak. He showed me a small book which was written in Arabic language with golden words and was a gutka of 'Japuji Sahib'. Visiting the camel, he went to the domed glittering gurdwara in the cemetery outside the city, which was mentioned in the book 'Sahihato Baba Nanak Faqir' and whose name was 'Nanak Shah Qalandar' in it. Within the hall there was a plate, which was covered with a sheet and some lovers were performing kirtan in Arabic language. After the end of the kirtan I asked them,'' Falla Haza Mazhabhu? '', Meaning - What is your religion ? They replied, "Allah enahahoo Nanak shah hindul pir." Meaning- our religion is of the fakir, Nanak Shah Pir of Hindus. Then he asked, Who is your Prophet? '' The answer was answered, "Nanak Nabian vh ann amna behi." Meaning-Nanak is our prophet and the one who is our honor. Then asked  three signs of a prophet : 1. The book, 2 power 3, followers. The person with whom he was talking was silent, but an old man sitting on his chest said, "Ama umiti." That means we all have followed him. He took out a small gutka from his side and said, "Razaa Kalamun." That is, the word is pure. Regarding the power, he said, "Raza Betulula Shahadan Yumey Hashaar." That means, 'Tuif' from Mecca Kaba got it done. With the questions and answers, he told the sangat that my conviction was very high. Now go back and find out soon in my father's heart.

When Madin arrived, Father met him and inquired about his book. Due to my frustration, he returned the book and said, 'You can not read stories. Reach your goal . My father disappointed me. After taking the book, I came into my room and after reading the book thoroughly, the first part of the night was over. Now, standing up, I prayed before Guru Nanak Sahib that if I read about you, he should give me a sense of right, from which I can catch the right path. Due to very heavy night sleep was put on the floor long. I see in the dream that the same way as the Islam books are written in it, it is the same view of the doom. People, who have not been redeemed, are in their hands naked in the open field,Are surprised to see the accountability of the deeds done while being in the city. The sun has warmed the land like copper and everyone is suffering from heat. Islam has said that in such a horrible time, by giving lip service, he will wipe out the misery of his people and sit on the Takht and decide on the basis of the family and the deceased himself. The diamond tree Takht was also visible in front,Above was the golden palanquin spirit. All the audience was confident that now the lucky crew would be seen from the palanquin and we would all be given a reward. Now among the people trapped, there is a voice that the Prophet is coming. Everyone would expect that prophet Christ Ji would help us get rid of our problems by recommending them.  Now, he would be standing at the left side of the palanquin and found in his people. People's expectations of seeing them, requests turned again. Then the voice came again that the Prophet Moses was coming, but he would also stand with her by decorating the palanquin like a miracle. Then there comes the voice of the coming of the Prophet Davud, but likewise, by raising the palki and standing beside the Prophet and Moses. Now the voice of the arrival of Hazrat Mohammad Sahib came. People were convinced that we would be able to get relief from the troubles  by recommending them as they had promised in the world that on the Day of Resolation they would recommend it to redeem people. He will also come in the fourth place, like the first one. The people were more upset when they saw the silence of the four. Then a loud voice (Wa-ha) Sahib an Allah  Baba Nanak are coming . Everyone started Sahiban-Sahiban. Because I had a special interest in the name of Nanak,It has been seen that Nauri Jalwa's owners are coming forward and looking at the people with a deeper look and are coming in the right direction. Where the eyes were seen, people were getting frozen by getting independence. Jatajute Followers was following the Kesari Nishan Sahib and was reciting God-Vahiguru, and the splendor of the Nurani face was shining the brightness of millions of suns. There was a white dye round turban on Hazur's head. The knitwear and knit necklaces were great in knees. The hands came from knees to the bottom. Mushtaq ji told that in the whole Panth he tried to get a photo of that picture but could not get success.

 By the sight of Guru Nanak, the suffering of the entire public will be erased, and all began to recite the name 'Vahiguru'. When Baba ji came to the palanquin, four Prophets honored Baba ji with admiration. Baba ji admitted in the palanquin. People were hoping that the Paki would be the leader of the parikrama in the palanquin. After getting up on the four curtains, everyone was present at the sight of Guru Nanak Sahib, when all performed (bowed prostrate), Mushtaq told the devotees that I was also celebrating that my sleep was open to me. The scene made my belief for Guru Nanak Sahib as Himalaya Mountains. It was four o'clock in the morning. I immediately went to my father's room and asked him for the answers he had seen in a dream. He said, 'What superstitions are you in. Did not bring you with him. It would be good if you take a university degree. 'I told my father that after reading the book 'Sahityo Baba Nanak Faqir' and 'I am feeling that the foundation of salvation is very weak'. Father said, 'Nanak was a bright star but, sorry, he made his class verses from Islam poetry , who has dishonored Allah.' I said, 'How can  Nanak’ s kalam literally take the key to God? It's an impossible thing. ' In reply, he said, 'There is no doubt in my mind that Nanak's character is influenced by magic and it is my turn to be fulfilled.

 I met a man in Arab who was a resident of Arabia and was a staunch follower of Baba Nanak and  Guru ji gave him  'Japuji Sahib' (Arabic language Gutka and a wooden kharwan. His name was Mehboob Ebiney Zaffar, and  he was from the descendent of Emam Hazrat Zafar. I met them. They were Jatajut (Kesadhari). There are enough time to questions and answers. After that he showed a book to father, which states that when his elders went to Guru Nanak Sahib, then the house was his follower. Now there are 114 houses of followers of Guru Sahib in Medina only. He further said that due to the disbelief of Maulanas, we can not openly dissemination  Nanaks religion,Otherwise, the entire country should be a follower of Nanak. After leaving, Father said that their hair is not cut and the shape is jatajute . I told Dad that the Qur'an Sharif did not want to cut hair. (See Sparra-2 Surat Bakker Raku 24 Ayaat 195). According to the this, Hajj will be acceptable to him, who will be Jatajute . Look, God has made every good man a jatajute. This is the same in every country. In the world, God has created 84 lakh types of creatures, the shape of a form does not match with others. He is his happiness. Similarly, he gave men and women different shapes.

  In the world we are happy to have happiness. Therefore, we should keep the same joy he has given us for his happiness. Otherwise, when we go to the court of God after completing our life, God will ask you to make a man, but if you continue to form a woman, then how do you answer? At that time we will get the answers and we will get the punishment in every situation. Only Hazrat Mohammad Sahib, Christ , Moses, Davud, Ibrahem, etc. were all Jatjuts (Kesadhdhari) and were not circumcised. Those who do not cut hair, when they go to God's court, they will be happy.

  In response, Father said, 'Yes, I know some, but if you try to reach true people, then the fanatics will eat your flesh. It is good to act according to the tradition that has been done. ' I replied, 'What is the matter if the body of the body is also used in reaching people to truth itself?' Even the biggest Qazi of Mecca, Rukkindin came in the same way as they did not care. Then what happens to him, it is not clear from the fact that Guru Nanak, after putting his hands on his head in the last time, can not only save him from the fierceness of the mullahs, but sending him direct gesture to him in the world Name illuminated.

 By seeing the scene of the time, at least Fifty percent of the present people became followers of the Guru. After listening to father silently watching me, I asked for the permission to go back to Mecca. After some delays, he will be ready to go to Mecca. On reaching Mecca, on the second day I first saw the Guru's houses. There was a famous person Mehboob Rahman in the lineage of Zanlabuddin and Ahmed Sadiq, who was a Guru's follower of Buddha dynasty, to meet him with his father. Father met his elders and met with Guru Nanak, and he was pleased to hear that he became a follower of them. He commended the Guruji's very express words in front of them and said that every Muslim should follow the path of the Guru.

 On the second day, after shutting all his luggage  up, he demanded that he should go back to Punjab, but he insisted that  we would do it after going to Hajj, he looked at my stubbornness and said, 'Son, on the way, Jadda, Adin and Karachi etc. Do not stay long, go straight home. I will come soon after Hajj. You should be home when I come to my house. ' Father came with me to drive me to the mall.

By walking, I reached the Jadda. It is a very  splendid gurudwara of Guru Nanak Sahib, which is managed by Janab Vallid Ebiney. He was very good, compassionate and used to recite Jap Ji Sahib all the time. He said that they go to the Sachkhand Darbar of Karachi for every purnima, which is managed by the Sindhi followers of Guru Nanak. Living with them gave me deep satisfaction. He said that the Khudavand Karam himself had come to show the direct path of restoring people in the world by keeping the name 'Nanak' but sadly few people would be able to recognize that person in Kal Yug. After that I reached Home at Mirpur (Kashmir) on 2nd May 1930. After coming to my father's house, I came to Lahore in search of truth.

Reality of Prithipal Singh 

  Upon reaching Lahore, I resided in Dataganj Bakhsh Sarian. From here was a Gurdit Bhawan store near Arya Samaj. The religion and religious month of eternal religion is studied. If the religion could not nail me, I discussed it with church clerics but the heart did not accept it. It was three months from home. The heart was very upset. In the harassment, make the mind of reading Namaz the mosque in the Jama Masjid. While reading Friday Namaz, I used to be Akashbani, which left me in the mosque and sat on the stairs of the Barandari and was deeply concerned about the skyline. The elderly Sikhs came and asked him, 'Where are you going?' The answer was, 'Gurdwara'. I said, 'Can I go there?' They said,``Everyone can go there, so I went with them. After reaching the Gurdwara, he went inside, but the sewadar stopped me and asked, 'Do not you have any drugs, smoking,  tobacco etc.?' In reply, he let me in. Going inside I searched for an elder who came in but was not found. See photos in the Gurdwara. I asked Sewadar  who is the head of the gurdwara? He said, "Jathedar Achhar Singh and he resides near Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Samadhi."I went to Jathedar's house and requested that I inquire about Sikh religion. They met me with love and affection and won satisfying answers to many of my questions. After all, what do you mean by coming to meet me? I told them that I am convinced that Sikhism can be redeemed by the worship of God alone by devotion. For this reason, I want to adopt Sikhism. He looked at my dressing vocal axis and my shape, said, 'Sir, you are from a rich family. Sikhism is a poor life. The body, mind and wealth have to sacrifice everything. They can not run on their own. Dismiss the idea of ​​adopting Sikhism. ' I have tears in my eyes, saying, 'I am upset about looking for a true path for a long time. I am ready to make every kind of sacrifice to come to Sikhism. My head will be on my palm, Only you will see it. After about four hours of knowledge discussion, he will get up and go. If you go, you will say that 'Sikhi, Shah ji is a very thin and difficult way'.

After the departure of Jathedar Ji, I remained immersed in my thoughts for a long time. Ultimately, it is not a matter of fact, as long as the true Dargah does not go away, the rate will not be left. The very next day, at 6 o'clock in the morning, where the sitting was sitting, near the samadhi of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Jathedar Achhar Singh came very soon after the gurdwara, and I  said, 'I am the son of Baba Nanak. See the book 'Sahityo Baba Nanak Faqir', which I take with me at the time of the Arab visit and come from there. Place me in your footstep and enter Sikhism. ' WhiIe reading the book, they came to me and said 'You will come to Amritsar and ask your family to bring it. I came to Mirpur (Kashmir) at my house and without telling anyone, I along with my wife Gulzar Begam and around five-year-old son Mahmood Nazir went to Gurdwara Dehra Sahib Lahore. When Kaapu station arrived before Lahore, I told my Begum that now Lahore is going to come. At that time I thought that Arabic was taught in Lahore. Most people knew me. What would happen if someone saw me and my wife in a burqa when the gurdwaras got in. It is a decision that there is a Shadra station before Lahore, where my student is the master of business. We will stay in their house and build the next program. After Shadra, we went to my disciple Emam Din Shah's house. Pir welcomed us very much. Leaving the children and the woman there,I proceeded to Gurdwara Dehra Sahib, on board, rode on. Jathedar met there. He said that on Sunday, there should be Amrit parchar at Sri Akal Takht Sahib, where to reach there. We will khande de Phwul (Amrit) and bring back to Lahore. After staying in the house at night, we went to Shadhra station in the morning. Taking the Begum on the platform I got the ticket. Begum was wearing a burqa, in her arms was Nazir son and placed a leather suitcase on the left. Looking back on my return, the suitcase is missing. Some one has stolen  a suitcase in which 700 rupees, there were all the jewellery of Begum and other valuables. Write a report to the police. All day went in search of theft. On the second day, when I reached Akal Takht, Amritsar, I asked whether a gurdwara should not be managed from Gurdwara Dehra Sahib in Lahore,Then they replied that yesterday, all day went back after waiting for relief, and today there will be no Amrit Parchar . Only this happens on a Sunday. Then in the office of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee, Jathedar Mohan Singh, Jathedar Gurmukh Singh Mussafar etc. tried to meet, but did not get success. Then at the Ghanta gahr, where the Begum resting, came to the place and said that they did not ask for a word. Begum, whose beloved jewellery was stolen, took a long breath and said, 'We have already suffered heavy losses, but now people do not ask anything. Come on! Mirpur went back to his house. I understood that the heart of Begum has fallen. I can explain to him that we are going to enter the realm of reality. I do not know how many things will happen before. ' He said, 'We do not even have money, we are starving in the morning.' I said, 'What's the matter of panic,Look, you have a heavy gold ring in your hand, and by selling it in the market, the money will be the money. That's it, after eating the meal from the hall bazar , we reached Gurdwara Dehra Sahib,Lahore. I narrated complete story to Jathedar Ji, he listened  the whole message. They arranged for me at Gurdwara Sahib and put them on the service at the shoes. I got a service at men shoes and my wife got a service in women's shoes.

After a long time, Jeth  sudhi four had been given the 'Khande di Pahul' along with his family on the May 1935 (third week of the month). My name was Prithipal Singh and my wife's name was Inderjeet Kaur and the son's name was Bhagat Singh. After that I learned Gurmukhī Alphabet and started reading GurBani deeply. After a year, we have thought of going to Panja Sahib. There, my wife Inderjit Kaur had died due to a typhoid disease and she left the five-year-old boy and a five-month old daughter .

 S. Prithipal Singh continued to preach religiously in different parts of the country. He continued leading in the affairs of the Sikh Panth and in the ranks. Prithipal Singh played an important role in the martyr Shaheed Ganj agitation of Lahore. Eventually, after completing his life journey in Kanpur (UP) in 1969, he would go to God's feet.


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