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 Guru Nanaks Journey to Arab Countries

According to Arabic Manuscripts part 1

 My parents migrated from Pakistan. After coming to Pakistan in 1947 to Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. I (Harmohinder Singh) used to read in the seventh grade at that time. In 1950, when I was in the 10th grade, Prithipal Singh started giving his discourses in Kanpur's gurdwaras. I continued to listen to his talks until I went out of service in 1959. He remembered gurbani very well and all the Quran Sharif also.  At that time Sant Maskeen Ji, Principal Satbir Singh, Sant Nishal Singh and Sant Ghreeb Singh used to give lectures, but Prithipal Singh's influence among the sangat was very high. On the day when he gave his speech, the entire hall, galleries and openings of the Gurdwara were filled before the arrival of that day. I would also sit in the gallery and write their speeches in Urdu.

The effect of their speeches in Sangat can be felt when he appealed in Gurdwara Baba Mohan Singh, Kanpur's highest Shrine, that he wanted his son to be admitted to Engineering but the admission fee was incurred. They do not dare to do so but I have the support of the Sangat. Simply, they had to say that the money began to rain and some women also lifted their gold ornaments. I gave up everything I had.

 He told how he is a Muslim of a big family and became a gursikh. His first name was Mushtaq Hussain Shah. He said that he lived in Mirpur city of Kashmir. His father's name was Muzaffar Hussain Shah and the name of the grandfather was Pir Bakkar Shah. He was the lonely son of his father. His grandfather  Baker Shah   was a minister during Partap Singh Dogra's government. He obtained a degree in Arabic language in Lahore and had a profound study of Quran Sharif.

  In 1927, his father prepared Mecca's Hajj caravan. I was asked to go with him too. I got ready with my mother's help. After reaching Mecca, my father got me admitted to Medina's Mines University for a degree of 'Maulvi Fazal'. To increase my ability, I started reading books in the largest library of Medina. A few days later, a handwritten manuscript, whose name, was - 'Siyahato Baba Nanak Fakir' (Safranama Baba Nanak Fakir) and another book 'Twarikh Arab.'

The first manuscript was written by Tajudin and the second Khwaja Zanalubdin. After reading the first book, he would be surprised that in all Arabia Baba Nanak visited many big cities and met all the big peers there and Peer asked innumerable religious and innumerable questions with Baba ji, All of whom, after listening to their stunning response, would take Baba ji's feet and become his followers along with some of their companians. The book they have read often and the book has a profound effect on their heart. In the second book 'Twarikh Arab' he read that Mecca's eldest Qazi Rukhin Din asked 360 questions with Baba ji, after hearing his stunning response, he became a disciple of Baba ji with many of his loved ones and companions.

How could he and why did Baba ji travel to Mecca?. According to the historians, Baba ji reached Mathenkot from Dera Ismile Khan  and Pathanvali region . The latter was the last boundary of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's rule. Baba ji succeeded in changing the life of cruel Brahmin. There is a large gurdwara of Baba ji, which is very popular.  After walking, Baba ji held camp at Sadhu Bela near Sakhor city. The place was invented by Baba Nokhanthi Das and  is under the management of the Udasis and the greatness of the place is all in Sindh. After walking, Baba ji stayed near the port of Karachi. The name of the place is Akal Bunga. In order to liberate the place, in 1938, the Sikh Panth had a very strong morcha. Mr. Prithipal Singh said that he had active services in the alliance. By travelling, the Guru sat under the kibla of Eden across the ocean. Today, a very memorable place of Baba ji is present. 

Following the journey, the Guru camped near Jidha Sharif at Bibi Hawa's tomb. Now there is a beautiful gurdwara of Baba ji, named after him, 'Nanak Shah Q  alandar'. When Baba ji reached near to 22 Kos, he saw a convoy of Hajis coming from Panipat. The Sardar of that caravan was going on camel.  Baba ji quickly crossed the caravan and started to move ahead of Shah Sharif. Shah Sharf  look after Baba ji's fakir dress and ask his followers to stop Baba ji. He believed that most people wear Fakiri dress to trap the public but there is no talk of fakir from inside. He made the intention that I will take a test of the fate and not come back, I will take off their clothes and be beaten and beaten. He thought Baba ji had 62 questions. He was satisfied with the astonishing response of all of them and he asked Baba Ji where are you going? Baba ji said, 'Mecca', he said that he is a Hindu, not a non-Muslim is allowed to go to Mecca. Baba ji said in the answer, "Listen to what God has approved!" These 62 questions, Giani Gian Singh has recorded in his book 'Twarikh Guru Khalsa'. Five months later, Shah Sharif reached Mecca. There he was surprised to see Baba ji. After inquiring,he came to know that Baba ji has been living for five months and he was being given great respect and service.

Before going to Mecca,  about a thousand Kos from Mecca, they started performing kirtan sitting outside the Enilus city of the desert on the wild Solomon's mountain path. Tajdin has written in his book 'Sihatyo Baba Nanak Fakir' that he was going to work on his own, that his eyes sat on Baba ji's face, listening to the praise of God and listening to him. Shortly after the prayer started to rise, Baba ji said in Arabic language, 'Kunna (meaning, sit down), then I sat down. Then a few moments later, Baba ji said in few words, 'Why do you go, Kunna' (why go, sit down). In response, I said in Arabic, 'It is time for the prayer to say prayers. Looking forward to looking for water in the hills, I will read the prayer. Baba Ji said, 'La Tukna Tu mardu matulaa' (meaning, O person of God, you are not taxed by God's grace). Hina Chisme aab besumar aasth (Mean,  there is plenty of water, be assured).

I love hearing in me and I sat down and forgOt to pray. But Baba ji was the idea of ​​my prayer. They said to Mardana, 'They have to read a prayer, find the water.' Mardana ji said, 'Hazoor, I am too thirsty, it is too late and I also noticed that normally in the search of water it is found in the hills but there is no water available.' Baba ji said, 'Mardana this place has heard the Kirtan, in praise of God, it will surely give you water. Let's take our 'Asa' (stick), who is standing up on the stone before us, with the help of 'Asa'. Mardana ji did the same thing, the spring of water emerge. The water came back and kissed Baba ji's feet and went back.

Tajdin writes that seeing the miracle, Baba ji's body will be very much in my heart. After pray, read the prayer. I prayed to Baba ji with two hands and said that you should also read Namaz. In response, the Guru said, "We will go to Mecca and pray only." I was surprised to hear that the time of namaz has passed and Mecca is far more than a thousand kos.

  Baba ji was just saying that on his face was such a brightness as thousands of suns shining on his face and that that brightness would close my eyes. In my neck, my shoulder collides with something tougher. When we opened our eyes, we all were present at the mosque in Ukasa, the largest city of the Arab city, 'Bahitul Makus'. I was surprised to see how long a long trip was established in the clock! As of now, Baba ji lived in Arabia, I lived with him and kept writing all the circumstances side by side.When Baba ji prepared to go back, he made all the works in the book and gave the name 'Siyahto Baba Nanak Fakir' and kept a copy to Library of Madina. 

  After moving away from the mosque of Bihtul Makus, the largest city of Arabia, Guru Nanak went to the city's biggest graveyard and started praising his praise in Arabic language and started kirtan in Arabic language. Now some men and women of the city started attending to Baba ji's Darshan and listening to Kirtan. After coming and sitting, they would sit and sit down. Baba ji said to everyone, 'Kartar mind should come.' Baba ji, after all, called 'Sat Kartar' and also called Sangat. Then I realize that the biggest name of God is 'Sat Kartar'. Baba ji stayed for three days. On the last day, Baba ji said to the city's saint, the sufi named 'Wahid', who had been very close and revered, the person who heard the kirtan will always be there and you To care for and to see what is seen is to illuminate the people. The place is a heavy mosque, which is named Hujra Nanak Shah Kalandar. They are the descendants of the descendant of a person of the priest. Sabbi and Budu baba ji are two tribes in the city. By rebellion from Islam, the Japu sahib (from the Arabic gutka) recites.

Mr. Prithipal Singh (formerly Mushtaq Hussain) Ji told the sangat that they have seen all the above mentioned places. Tajdin further writes in his book 'Siyahto Baba Nanak Faqir' that now Baba ji proceeded towards Mecca. After a three-day walk, I reached Macca on the evening sunset. At that time, because of the side of Mecca's city, all the attendants and the Qazis had gone to their homes. Baba ji started performing kirtan in Mecca. When in the third watch of the night, Baba ji asked Mardana ji to keep up the kirtan and fall asleep with the wall of the house Kabba. Now a living servant started to broom in Parikarma. When he reached the Guru, seeing the two feet of the Guru's  with the wall of the Kabba, he said bad words, 'O Kafir, why are you stepping towards the house of God?' Baba ji said, on the one side where there is no house of God, turn my feet towards that. He cruelly shrugged his head towards the paw, and the foot turned to the other side. Then started brooming. When he looked again at Baba ji's feet, then after seeing he said, I realized that you had done this because of an unintended cause, but you  have done the same thing because of hurting me. Remember, I will kill you by asking the big Qazi. He again  starts to drag his feet with a terribly ruthlessness, then what does he see that the Mecca Kabba is also moving around the way. He tried three times to remove his suspicion, and seeing Mecca kabba walking along, he caught Baba ji's feet and apologized for his presumptuousness. The Guru told him that you are falling asleep in deep darkness. Almighty  sent me to explain to the people. The Allah is present everywhere, at all times. He is not just in the kabba and said, 'Tenu Kartar Chit ave'  then he ran towards the city.

Tajdin writes that I also ran behind him, to see what he would do. Upon reaching the city, he went upstairs to the top of the Jamia Masjid and told what people had seen in a loud voice that Khanna Kabba, who has been regarded as a house of Almighty for thousands of years, has been contradicted by Nanak.  After hearing the people gathered in huge numbers. The city's largest Qazi Rukinden also came with his colleagues. After the interrogation, he gave Baba ji an oath of blasphemy. The court said that even though he is a Gossip, the biggest faction, which he has made his Circumabulation (parikarma) from Kabba, is a big blasphemy. After hearing the verdict, people got angry and, having knives and axes, said :kill him, kill him''.

After hearing this, Jiwan Qazi  made his way among the living people, met Rukkidin, and told him to give you the mandate, but to see them (Baba ji) There are lapses. Qazi's heart was strong effected on hearing these things. At that time Khwaja Zanlab-ul-Din was also the author of 'Twakarikh Arab' with him. Tajdin writes that Rakandin's companions advised him that such a faqir should be crushed and crushed in a gentle way. One Qazi said that according to the law, such a person should be stoned to death on the ground. Another Qazi said that they should knit the dogs. Rakandin listened to all, then he too thought of Baba ji as a great soul.

 All the people coming to Baba ji before one hundred steps will stop. Only Qazi Rukkandin, Tajdin and Zanbel-ud-Din will reach Baba ji. All the others could not move forward and everyone had to go back with their weapons. Qazi Rukkenden honored Baba ji with 'Aslam-Walekum'. In response, Baba ji said, 'Sat Sri Akal-Gurbar Akal'. He was very surprised to hear. Then he said 'Fala ul la Mazhab ho’ 

 "(What is your religion?) In response, Baba ji said,' Abuula Alla la Mazhab Bahoo '(I mean, I am a person of mine, I do not have any religion). Rukkadin said that if you are a person you must have a religion. God has made the same religion for the people. Tell the truth, who are you? Where are you from? What is the purpose of the coming? I have come to know that you have got your Tuaff (parikarma) from Mecca Kabba , meaning whatever you have done, has done the opposite. One lac twenty four thousand (1,24,000) Emams  have called Mecca Kabba as the house of God, but you have said everything, why? In response, Baba ji presented his ideas in Arabic with a rabab, which means, "Oh Rukkadin! You are Mecca's very Qazi and Kabba caretaker. Islamic world's moon. Your verdict also runs in all the Islamic world. Okay, but sadly, the reality and intellect are away from your eyes. Your own respect will not reach the destination of the brothers of your own country. Qazi ji, will be burnt in the fire of his nervousness and his patronage hell. Be yourself the person of God and do his Bandagi(Meditation) , who will take you home. My purpose is to come here too,The person is not allowed to accept any other person compared to them. Tauhid-Tauhid says life will not succeed. Success is achieved only by implementing it. First of all, it is important to identify yourself first and then let others know about it. "

The author of 'Twarikh Arab' writes that Rukin Din Qazi asked Baba Ji 360 questions. Answers to questions are found on 300 pages of my book. When there was a questionnaire, I stayed with full time and kept writing simultaneously. The Rukin Din among the people took the name of their law, their prophets, their affairs, and said that they had given orders, ordered the order.

Baba ji said that they are accused of equality for all those who speak in the presence of God and that whatever they have ordered, the Quran Sharif does not accept them right, in any way, their obedience to their commands Does not give Your selfish patronage can not give up your life for forgiveness (forgiveness of sins).

 Rukkhan Qazi, after reaching Mecca Kabba, asked Guru Sahib three questions-

First Question:

  In Deen(Religion), music is called haram. Why do you do it? 

   The Guru said that music is not forbidden in the Quran Sharif. Your Prophet was fond of playing music and used to go for joy in such a benefit. In his hades, it is said that when Muhammad Sahib arrived at the banquet (food invitation) in the marriage of Quraish clan (the famous and revered tribe of Arabia; the name of the tribe of  Khuda). The girls were singing wedding songs. After seeing them, they stopped singing such songs and started singing the devotional songs. Muhammad Sahib told them to sing only those singing I love him. God Himself will give you the gift.

Baba ji said to Ruknidin that girls who listen to the music of the marriage also pray for their self from God for themselves and I only know who I am present, sing in his praise, You are saying 'Haraam' on the instructions of those accused who have been equaling their character, where is the wrong way. Get the know-how of your home.

Second question:

Deen(Religion) lets us cut hair, but why do you have jute(hair knot) and jute?

 Baba ji replied  that if you follow the laws of the people of God's law, then you will burn in the fire of Dosaq. Quran Sharif does not give the hair to cut . See Sparra-2: Surat Baker  : 24, Ayaat 196, which means - 'It is very important for Muslims who are humble towards God for loyalty. It is necessary for every Muslim to have to go to Hajj and that is why his life is successful. Complete the Hajj requirements by keeping the hair intact. Even in the Yajarveda, it is strictly prohibited to cut hair. (Surat 119)

Third question: 

All the prophets and Emmas called the house Kabba as the house of God. What do you say? 

 Baba ji told that the Quran Sharif says it is wrong. Baba ji said in Arabic that the Khudvand Karim(Almighty) had clearly told Hazrat Mohammad Sahib that I was not imprisoned in any house. I am also close to every bodies vein  of every breath. All the audience (people present there) should have a strong influence on hearing the reply and everyone said in a loud voice (in Arabic), 'the Quran knows, attend the present day. May God bless and give goodness.

Now Qazi Rukinden told his colleagues, who were advising him to kill Baba Nanak in various ways on the way while walking from the city, and said, 'Seeing Nanak, I bow to you all.' But my eyes have been well-known by recognizing them. They have proved to be wrong through the scriptures of Qur'an Majid in our laws (according to the law of honor) cases and values ​​etc. They have made it clear that if you follow the laws of the people, then you will burn in the fire of dosiq. 

They (Bābā Nānak ji) have proved by quoting the Qur'an Majid that it is strictly forbidden to cut the hair on the path of the one who is lied to God. In the praise of God, the songs of music are not strictly prohibited and have proved the presence of God everywhere, even people celebrate. By hearing everyone, Baba ji rose and requested Baba ji to release their feet, which the earth had grip, after hearing it.

 Now Guru Nanak Sahib kept performing kirtan in Mecca all night. Until the morning, lots of sangat will be assembled . Tajdin has written  number of sangat about 300 number. Visitors of Hazoor(Baba Nanak) attended,  brought  milk of camels and dates , which were distributed to all the audience (Sangat) after the end of the Kirtan. Khwaja Zainlbadin, Haji Ghulam Ahmad (Sardar of the Quraish clan)  Ebiney Essvud and the great Sardar of Budu tribe were present  in the Sangat. After all, after the completion of the Kirtan, they got up one by one and started singing praises of Baba ji.

 Afterwards, Qazi Rukkadin ji and Sangat prayed that  should give some advice (Firman), who could get rid of worldly entanglements and get redemptive (salvation). Baba ji spoke,

'kartar chit aaye' :

Yak arz guftam….  ….                 

 I mean, I say the truth, God is very kind, unassuming and wise. Let's say before you that please be kind and listen carefully. Yes, God knows that the world is dead, but humans do not know that the angel of death captures him with the hair and takes the life away. Then the father, son, woman, etc. will not be helpful. My heart is buried with greed and bad thoughts day and night. I have such a condition that I have never done any good. Not like me, unfortunate, screwy, weak, slow, low-intelligence, and stubborn. I wish that I remember the death, night and day, stay busy in your Bandagi and spend holy lives. Give me the dust of the feet of holy beings in your Bandagi.

Now Qazi Rukkdin Ji prayed to  Baba Nanak that he should make his own purchases! Baba ji said to wash his right great toe. He put it in the mouth and start sucking . Then he started washing, Baba ji said, it would not need to be washed. Then Qazi  was  going to meditate. After quite a while, Tajdin asked Baba ji to be careful about them. Baba ji said, 'Qazi is in the shade of the court of God, do not deprive him from the bloom forever.' Long after that, he himself was cautious, then Guru Sahib told Ruknindin that in every moment, tell the people of your country and try to impart education but do not get involved in haughtiness. Ajaar (good work fruit) is to be handled.

The whole story has been recorded by Zainlabaden in his book 'Twarikh Arab' in 300 pages. Baba ji told them that God Himself will always be there to help you.

 Now to all in Mecca the news spread that Qazi Rukinden assumed the word of Guru Nanak Sahib as his Murshid (Guru). Islam and all the shari laws kept away, Qazi sitting in the Kohi-Umra (name of the mountain) and reading the blasphemy column, left home.

  Now Baba Nanak started preparing to go to Medina and all those who had obeyed Baba ji were shocked and expressed shock at Baba ji's departure, Baba Ji told them that the loyalty  order has to be there to comply with his order. On this, he presented Baba ji a silk choga (Chola), on which some Quranic verses and some letters  in the Guru's Praise were written .People said to Baba ji  to give a sign, Baba ji gave his Kharwan (wooden sleepers)  and  Asa (stick). According to Tajuddin, it was said in Arabic that ' Understand 'Asa' the gift of God. There are glamise of God in my Asa. ' Nanakpanthi thinks as the dexterizer. The 'Asa', which has been kept in a domed Guru Darbar inside the city of Mecca,Asa is kept in it and people are able to see it. 

 There is a city named 'Umrah' near Mecca. The son of Zafar's son, Ghulam Qadar, asked many questions to Baba ji, whose answers gave him peace of heart and pleased him, he followed Baba ji's disciples on the path given by Baba ji. To perform a Bandagi (Meditation) , a mosque was made in the memory of his  elders, in which the people of the city read prayers, he presented it to Baba ji. As the city was able to make another mosque. Now in the mosque Baba Nanak started to meditate. The name of the mosque has been named 'Wali-Hind Maseet', which is now famous as the name.

 There are three hujre (interior) in Mecca's west. One Sultan Bahu, the second Baba Sheikh Farid Ji and the third Baba Nanak Faqir are named after them. Mushtaq Hussain (Mr. Prithipal Singh) told the sangat that while in Mecca, he has visited the mosque and the Guru Darbar in the city, in which Baba ji's Asa (stick) preserved for people . Shortly after Baba ji's departure from Mecca, Amir Mecca demanded the Qazi to be detained and declared Kafir and made a declaration:

- He himself is a disbeliever and his Guru Nanak Fakir, is also a disbeliever.                                         

- Thirty throats and day-to-day closure.             

- Quit of Quit deserved to leave the Kuwaish tribe (People now live in the hills of Tehraya and Afghanistan)                                                      

- All his wealth will be confiscated.             

- Turn his face black in the city of Mecca.             

- Reverse should be hanged.             

- To be tuned to the neck in the sand. (Stoning )                                         

 The convict Qazi Rukkadin was recaptured in the mountain cave, in which he sat down while reading the words of Guru Nanak Sahib. But they were in the mood of the Guru's words. They do not have any impact of punishing them. In the summer of June, all the punishments were laughable and on 22nd day to be celebrated on the 22nd day outside the city, when going to the ocean in the sand, whenever they were going, they were called 'Sat Kartar, Sat Kartar 'The voices were coming. To the throat they were told in the sand and they were told to make a final statement. Pen and paper should be called. Qazi Rukkadin ji's eyes were closed to Baba ji's words.

   Qazi called him aloud and went closer and said, 'Stop, your last time has come. Write your last statement. ' The eyes  stopped. On the forehead was a quick flame. Now he remembered the order of the Guru, who had met Baba ji's thumb and  told him to tell his people what he had seen at that time. At that time, almost all the cities were well filled. Many people had filled the stones in their mills to kill the hapless man who had respected the guru.

  Rukkadin ji thought, now that the entire city is well, then it is a good time to get people informed about Baba ji's orders. Rukkadin gave the last statement in Arabic, "My God, my religion  is Hazrat Gurū Nānak, who is the owner of the biggest book and Scripture . Without doubt I am going to obey Nanak. Not only to you, I tell the whole world do your own honor on Guru Nanak Sahib, who will  be exalted.

He fell asleep on his neck and died. The lapes which were filled with stones, fell to their feet. Most people accept Guru Nanak after hearing the statement and listening to the stoppage of Rukdin. People of Budu tribe, who were very celibate, will become true followers of Guru, who still resides in the city of Mecca and Behtul-Mukhdis.

Zainlabdin writes in his book 'Twarikh Arab' that at least 50 percent of the audience at that time had accepted Guru Nanak's path.

Baba Nanak Ji reached Medina city from different stages in Arabia. Hazrat Mohammad Sahib lived in the city and took his last breath. Being associated with Hazrat Mohammad Sahib has great part in the place of worship in Islam. 

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