In honor of the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak, which was celebrated in November of 2019, a booklet with a few stories of Guru Nanak’s life has been published in the language of Malayalam. Malayalam is one of the 22 official languages of India. It is spoken by 38 million people, primarily in the Indian state of Kerala.

This may very well be the first book about Guru Nanak ever printed in the Malayalam language. The stories within the booklet were inspired from historical material available through Max Authur Macaullife’s The Sikh Religion, retold in a poetic style by author K.G.K. Nair. The Ik Jot Foundation, in the United States, sponsored the printing.

K.G.K. Nair lives in the Indian state of Kerala. He became inspired to learn about Guru Nanak through his experience with the website, 

His family has traditionally earned its livelihood through coconut farming. Their ancestral home is located near a Siva Temple associated with the great Hindu philosopher, Adi Shankara. His father is named Krishna Kurup, and his mother is Saraswathy. Even though neither of them received a college education, they taught their children the spiritual values of broadmindedness, tolerance and service to others.

K.G.K. Nair has one daughter who practices Ayurvedic medicine. His son studied software engineering but due to an eye disease that affected his vision, cannot work full time. K.G.K. Nair’s educational background is BSC and a diploma in cooperation. He spends his days assisting his son, reading prayers, nourishing medical plants, and writing. 

The booklet on Guru Nanak’s life has been shared with many people in K.G.K. Nair’s community. He also gave copies of the booklet to the Gurdwara in Kochi.

A PDF version of the booklet is attached and is available for free to download.

You may download the free booklet here

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