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It is amusing to notice the so called most evolved species on planet earth engaged in self-inflicting pain. It is ironic that man has conquered outside world, and yet has to take a peek into his own house. The house is the mind in which things of comfort are missing.

Thoughts of Love, peace, acceptance and equanimity are missing in the house called mind. The biggest folly is for man to believe others will provide for what is missing in his/her own house, it is clear evidence of primitive nature of existence.

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People who believe Guru Granth Sahib was written for the times of the past, have clearly not looked in their house, called mind. The mind in form of thoughts has been same since inception of creation. And planet earth is like a hospital. Many have got well and did not return to this hospital called earth. The dis-ease is the same and antidote is also the same. Kabir Ji on Page 727 says "Bande Khoj Dil Har roj, fir preshani mahi". Until one does not search within, one cannot be free of worries. Most of us know a lot more about others and have iota of self-knowledge. By default, we as awareness traverse outwards, not knowing who we are, what is source of our existence and what is true nature of our existence. True nature of our existence is immortal per Gurbani. If we doubt immortal nature of our existence, we are not self-aware and it is time to journey towards our essence (mool). Gurbani (Guru) provides the path (panth) and method (Gurr) to do so.

To find our mool (essence) requires us to go inwards, implying looking in our own house, in our mind for what kind of thoughts we carry as first step. If in our house we keep thoughts of animosity and conflict, these thoughts are like bare foot and desires are thorns, and greed like burning coal. The simple question is why we keep what causes discomfort in our house. The questions is why there is not Love, peace, acceptance and equanimity in our house?

The answer is simple, we have not looked in our own house called mind. If we are holding others responsible for what is in our house, it is time to think wisely. A house owner is responsible for things in their house, even though someone might have given those things. An awakened (Gurmukh) holds himself/herself responsible for what is in his/her house. Such a Gurmukh cleans the house and fills it with Love, peace, acceptance and equanimity to live well in Chardi Kala. A Gurmukh is able to forgive themselves for storing thoughts of dis-ease and commits to keep their house clean.

The journey continues further past thoughts of dis-ease and Guru-Shabad is able to pierce through the wall of separation to our immortal self.

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh

I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

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