A Poem by Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa

Like innocent children, we wake each morning
With supreme subconscious trust
That today will be no different 
Than any other day.

Our lives unfold in a rhythm
That we count on to keep beating.
And in that circle dance
We find security.

But like a massive house
Built on a mound of sand
A change in wind can rock
The foundation
That we stand on.

The Spirit is infinite
But the mind and body - fragile.
And when the winds shift,
It can shatter us like glass.

Oh people, life lasts for just a tiny moment.
In the blink of an eye, in Cosmic Time, 
We're here and then we're gone.

So when the sages tell us
Love is the only thing that matters
Open your heart and love
And love and love and love.

Love until it hurts.
Love despite the wounds.
Love because that warmth 
Can guide your journey on.

And let your mind remember 
How precious you truly are.
The impermanence of life.
And how innocent your soul.

Time keeps moving on.
It carves us like the wind.
Like water flowing on a rock,
It gives us shape and form.

So let the carving show
Despite the shocks and blows
Your heart had the strength
To be fragile enough to love.

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