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Allegory, a Tapestry of Guru Nanak's Travels is a unique, stunning visual 'spiritual travelogue' following in the footsteps of Nanak produced by Amardeep Singh and his team.

To date, 14 of the 24 episodes have been presented on the website. The story of Nanak and his travels (udasis) has moved eastwards from Punjab (present day Pakistan and also Afghanistan) across the northernmost reaches of the Indian subcontinent, to Assam in the far north-east, down the east coast of India through scenic states like Orissa to the port of Nagapattinam in Tamil Nadu. Then by boat from there to Jaffna in Sri Lanka.


Episode 14 covered Baba Ji's visit to Sri Lanka and he has just travelled northwards from Sri lanka to the southernmost tip of the Indian subcontinent after traversing Sri Lanka - and the story continues... (Amardeep releases one episode every Thursday)

Amardeep and his team including his wife, has produced a unique docuseries taking one along on this journey with 'period' music, Sikh hymn-singing (in the appropriate raags as they appear in the Guru Granth Sahib) and awe-inspiring cinematography. The 'journeys' are very well researched and very well presented by Amardeep himself in clear English with care not to hurt anyone's sentiments concerning religious views, rites and rituals yet ensuring that the truth as perceived by Nanak and mainstream Sikh-thought prevails.


We take our own limited knowledge of Baba Ji's travels as adequate until one views this series. There is a great deal we do not know and we do not truly know the extent of Baba Ji's travels, how he influenced thousands along the way, and how he is remembered and revered even today. Arguably Guru Nanak was the most travelled of the great prophets and spiritual guides of this planet.

Another unique factor is the deep meditational effect each episode has with the tranquil way it is rendered, with soothing deep philosophical and travelogue-style narrative by Amardeep. With the deep spiritual music and hymn rendering, it is, in itself, a form of blissful simran!


I am also impressed by the occasional diversion to other 'spiritual sites' of interest along the way. Most informative.

I have been blown away by the series so far and cannot wait to see how it progresses further. I look forward to seeing how Amardeep deals with Baba Ji's travels in Arabia and beyond as there are travel restrictions to non-Muslims in these parts especially Mecca and Medina! (Amardeep informs that he sent his Muslim team members to video those parts.)


This series will prove invaluable for posterity as restrictions on travel increase, firstly, hopefully, short-term due to Covid but sadly, also politically and along religious divides - think present-day Afghanistan. It is also a repository of great information on Nanak and his travels which can be used by future generations in their understanding of Nanak and the uniqueness of Sikhism.

Amardeep would like to dub the entire series in Punjabi and also Hindi. He needs help to continue with this unique work. Those interested in donating please register on the website Enjoy, be uplifted, learn more about our unique Nanak and encourage the younger generations to view this series for their own Sikh educational and spiritual progress.


I feel the Sikh Quom owes Amardeep Singh Ji accolades, and a vote of gratitude for this monumental sewa especially for Sikhs, present and future, and anybody else curious enough to know more.

Sikhism is the best kept secret of this planet. I believe this docu-series will help to spread further, the life philosophy of Nanak if we play our part in firstly watching it and encouraging family and friends in watching it, promoting it and assisting Amardeep in further dubbing in Punjabi and Hindi.

Allegory – A Tapestry of Guru Nanak’s Travels (thegurunanak.com)

allegory tapestry.jpg

I highly recommend this series to all.

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