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We’re excited to announce a ground-breaking new documentary by Auteur Productions, “Guru Nanak: The Founder of Sikhism, Life and Legacy”.

With this project, filmmakers Gerald and Adam Krell aim to educate Americans about Guru Nanak and his vision to create a more equal society. Shockingly, research from the National Sikh Campaign found that 95% of Americans have never heard of Guru Nanak. That’s why our organization, with your help, will be promoting this film and encouraging the public to take the time to learn about our faith.

As part of that effort, this week we’ve launched a microsite at gurunanakfilm.com to build awareness of the documentary, the filmmakers, the story of Guru Nanak, and all the wonderful religious leaders, writers, and ordinary Sikhs who participated in this project.

The documentary premiered to a sold out audience at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles this past Sunday, and will begin airing on PBS this spring.

We’re proud of the work we’ve done, and the success we’ve seen so far. But Guru Nanak: The Founder of Sikhism, Life and Legacy is an independent film, which means it won’t get a high-dollar Hollywood distribution budget. It is on all of us to make sure that as many people as possible see this film.

Watch the trailer for Guru Nanak: The Founder of Sikhism and share this new website about the film far and wide.  

Together we can make sure that this important film reaches non-Sikhs so that they can find hope in Guru Nanak’s message in these turbulent times.

We’ll have lots of news about how you can bring this film to your community. For now it’s important that as many people as possible see the buzz around this trailer.

Take two minutes to watch the trailer and then share it on Facebook, Twitter, through email, or in any online communities you’re a part of.

Thank you for your help spreading the word about this crucial project, and enjoy the show!

With appreciation,

National Sikh Campaign

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