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3 Other Things You Can Do

If your inbox is anything like ours, you are receiving a lot of well-meant information about what to do in the face of the rapidly-spreading COVID-19 Coronavirus, so we will spare you by not repeating them. 

However, there are many other things that come to mind when dealing with crises, emergencies, and pandemics and we wanted to share some of those other things with you. 

  1. Breathe. When you are able to be on your own or out in nature, breathe deeply. Breathing deeply helps to slow down the thought processes. It triggers the vagus nerve which is all about slowing down and not reacting. It’s the opposite of panic. Because right now - we want to be centered, careful and precautionary; and we need to be in a position to be able to take definitive action when necessary, and that’s not possible when we are panicking.
  2. Seek out Peace. We really are getting bombarded from every direction, and we need information and guidance to be able to know what to do in our own lives, but we also need peace to counteract the rising fear and panic. Fear and panic are not good for the immune system, and we need strong immune systems right now. Consider turning off the TV, turning your phone on to silent, and giving yourself this time. Set aside moments, minutes and longer to breathe deeply, close your eyes, and meditate, do a Bani or recite a mantra. These things will, again, slow down the thoughts, help us breathe more deeply, and give us strength for dealing with crises as they may arise.
  3. Be with the Guru. Social-distancing is one of the most common and effective practical recommendations during these times, even though we are, in general, social creatures. Getting together is important, but there is always an opposite that is equally true. This is an opportunity to get aligned with your spirit, your soul and your soul’s connection to Guru ji. Consider, perhaps, that this is a blessing in disguise, that you can take this additional time alone to be with Guru ji, and go deeper in your relationship with Guru, enhance your daily practice in the Amrit Vela, and keep practicing throughout the day.  

These blessings, which are always available  – your own sacred breath (Pavan Guru), Gurbani and Guru ji, will help you to call on your inner strength and equipoise to face these challenging and uncertain times with compassion and courage. May you take all necessary precautions for yourself, your family and our global community, from a place of peace and love, and know that you are not alone.

And, now is a great time to engage in one of our online courses in the SikhNet Learning Center!  Perhaps Deepening Your Personal Relationship to the Guru or our latest course Amrit Vela Awakening: Establishing Your Daily Spiritual Practice.

From our families to yours,
The SikhNet Team

Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa

Founder & Former CEO SikhNet.com - The oldest & largest Sikh web service & organization serving over 7 millions users from around the world

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