New Course in the SikhNet Learning Center starts July 24th!

Have you ever questioned why you are a Sikh? Or what makes someone a Sikh? Or what your purpose really is?

In this course, we will explore what it means to be Sikh, why we identify ourselves the way we do, and then we'll dive deeper into understanding who we really are and our life's purpose.

Understanding the "why" behind our choices helps us to live with intention, clarity and purpose.Whether you were born a Sikh or chose to become a Sikh later in life, we will explore what it means to be Sikh and why we identify ourselves the way we do - from our physical appearance to our spiritual practices. Then, we will go beyond these mental concepts to understand our True Identity and how we can relate to our life and live from this higher perspective.

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This course will help you:

  • Gain clarity in your identity as a Sikh
  • Overcome insecurity and doubt
  • Understand the the role of relationships in your soul’s evolution
  • Explore the difference between religion and dharma
  • Transcend karma & samskaras
  • Discover your life’s purpose

Course Features

  • Easy-to-digest - one 20-30 minute lesson released each week
  • Engaging videos for every lesson
  • Exercises for self-reflection (writing & meditation)
  • Short quizzes to test your retention
  • Student forum for Q&A
  • Mini-Course (2-3 hrs time commitment)

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