Californians See Pre-Super Bowl Farmer Protest Ad

History has now been made in California which featured an ad endorsing the farmer's protest, happening in India...

Fresno is a major concentration of Sikhs in California, a state which sports more Sikhs than anywhere else in the U.S. (over a quarter million).

Sikhs have grown not just in population but in recognition in the recent past, with Sikhs serving in the military, being featured in the yearly Rose Parade, increasing relationships with law enforcement and politicians. 

History has now been made in California where an ad endorsing the farmer's protest, happening in India's capitol of Delhi, was aired before the media extravaganza: Super Bowl. The yearly football championship is an American past-time where multi-national companies spend 10's of millions of dollar to grab the attention of the public at one of the greatest viewed events in American culture. 
The ad begins with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: 

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere

It also includes an endorsement from the Fresno city major Jerry Dyer who says, "We want you to know, our brothers and sisters in India, we stand with you."


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Local news 'Your Central Valley' further quotes the mayor as saying, "I'm coming to you from the agriculture capital of the world: Fresno county...I'm gonna continue to fight for what I believe is right because this is unfair, this is oppressive, and we're gonna fight for our people here in our community, as well as those people in India."

While Indian officials have commented about celebrities on social media needing to mind their own business the UN has also paid notice of the situation in Delhi where authorities are increasing their security measures

While many have economic disagreements with the nature of farm laws, everyone can agree that human rights need to be maintained and the right to protest be protected.

For Sikhs our ethic is to stand up for freedom. Against human right violations this is a matter of concern for people of every country and especially those who are taught 'sarbat da bhalla' "good will towards all". 

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