Behind the Scenes of KAUR

A sneak peek behind the scenes of 'KAUR'. Find out how we made an animated short Sikh film....

Did you ever wonder "How did they do it?" Well, we have made a behind-the-scenes video to show you how we made KAUR. Watch this video and see how we learned to animate. Meet the producers, and some of the voice actors and artists behind the film. 

Watch the video and hear:
  • How an anonymous donor started the whole project
  • How Saibhang Kaur changed over time from a young girl to a teenager to who she is now. (See unused concept art)
  • How the SikhNet staff never did animation before and how they learned how to do it
  • Who is the voice of the Grandmother, anyway?
  • Who made the beautiful Mai Bhago art?
  • A peak into the animation process
  • How the SikhNet Audio Stories prepared SikhNet for the animation
  • and more...
Have you seen the KAUR film? If not, watch it now. If you have then watch it again.

By the way, you can also download KAUR and watch it offline on any device you want. You can also buy the DVD. KAUR has subtitles for six different languages.

Behind the scenes - Part 1

Behind the Scenes - Part 1
Part 1 is about WHY we made KAUR. It is an inspiring and eye-opening look at media for young girls, and why we felt there was a gap left for Sikh girls.

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