Karma Game - The Ogre's Curse

A magical adventure awaits you. Leap into the action! Save your village from the terror of a powerful ogre. Now is the time! Heed the call and test your  excellence!

The game is a dramatic story in which the Sikh child is the hero. Born in a small village under the care of his (or her) uncle, the child must overcome many obstacles to experience his or her own greatness. As the game begins, the entire village is depressed and despondent, as is your uncle Harjinder with whom you are living. As the game progresses, the child learns how to communicate with the villagers, how to meditate, how to do seva, how to play kirtan, how to heal people with Gurbani and in the course of time, bring all the villagers together and lift the cloud of contention and depression that has fallen upon the village.

Meet the characters

  • Rinku
    Rinku The Artist
  • Ik Jyot
    Ik Jyot The Gurdwara Sevadar
  • Shannu
    Shannu The Weaver
  • Swami Seethrudhoti
    Swami Seethrudhoti The Sadhu
  • Harjinder
    Harjinder The Uncle
  • Sherwanee
    Sherwanee The Business Man
  • Charanjeet
    Charanjeet The Bossy Auntie
  • Rumta
    Rumta The Potter
  • Gurujeet
    Gurujeet The Gatka Teacher

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Mini games

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Videos and screenshots

  • Video Trailer #1
    Video Trailer #1
  • Video Trailer #2
    Video Trailer #2
  • Harjinder's Cabin
    Harjinder's Cabin
  • The Town Well
    The Town Well
  • Aunties
  • Rumta and Shannu
    Rumta and Shannu
  • Gurdwara Kitchen
    Gurdwara Kitchen
  • Sadhu Meditating
    Sadhu Meditating
  • Choose Your Attitude
    Choose Your Attitude
  • Gatka Weapons
    Gatka Weapons
  • Gatka with Auntie Gurujeet
    Gatka with Auntie Gurujeet
  • Rinku's Hair
    Rinku's Hair
  • Ogre's Lair
    Ogre's Lair
  • Five Ks
    Five Ks
  • Wedding
  • Bhangara

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Karma: The Ogre’s Curse

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