Another Senseless Day: Terror in Orlando

One moment you were Celebrating LifeFriendships In a safe haven Or so you thought You came here To soften scars Of hatre...


Another Senseless Day

By Jessi Kaur

One moment you were




In a safe haven

Or so you thought

You came here

To soften scars

Of hatred that clawed

Bigotry that seared

Your life

Your love

You sang

You danced

You drank

To unleash judgments

That strangled

Banished you to closets

But here you forgot

Those who were “straight”

Not upright

Those that mocked

Oh it hurt

In silent hidden places

For a few moments

You were happy

Free to be

Everyone like you

“Gay” – they said

In a twisted way

Then he came




Crazed by


He shot

And shot

Re-armed and shot again



Snapping life

Reveling in the

Blood that burst

From your veins

Red lava

Bubbling like a geyser

Drowned your name

The floor that throbbed

To your dancing feet

Lay covered

Your warm bodies

Breath less

Voice less blanks

Once again politicians

Picked up


To further agendas


Your senseless end

While my inside churns

And I silently cry

The voice of hope

For a better world

With respect for all

Still abides

Jessi Kaur is an author, a poet, a speaker at interfaith conferences on peace and global harmony through living Guru Nanak’s message of oneness -Ik Ong Kar. An HR Consultant in Silicon Valley, she is currently taking time off to finish her new book – The Unstruck Melody.


Jessi Kaur

Jessi Kaur is the author of three highly acclaimed children’s books – Dear Takuya, The Royal Falcon and The Enchanted Garden of Talwandi.

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