Jessi Kaur

Jessi Kaur is the author of three highly acclaimed children’s books – Dear Takuya, The Royal Falcon and The Enchanted Ga...

Jessi Kaur is the author of three highly acclaimed children's books - Dear Takuya, The Royal Falcon and The Enchanted Garden of Talwandi. The Royal Falcon was selected by the Parliament of World's Religions as a book that promotes peace and was showcased in Melbourne at the largest interfaith world conference. Jessi produced a multicultural children's musical based on The Royal Falcon which won accolades from the Indian and the mainstream community. She is currently working on Sacred Spiritual Concepts, an exposition of 50 basic spiritual concepts found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib.

Jessi has written for several scholarly and populous web and print journals and traveled extensively sharing the message of Ek Ong Kar (One Creator One World) at international conferences, youth camps and inter-faith gatherings including the Parliament of World's Religions at Barcelona, Melbourne and Salt Lake City. Her passionate commitment to sharing the universal teachings enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib stems from her deep faith that peace is possible when the barriers of ignorance are brought down, and we open our hearts to those who seem different from us. She strongly believes that the journey begins within oneself. Jessi has been featured in award winning documentaries The Mistaken Identity and The Asian and Abrahamic Religions - A Divine Encounter in America; and is a frequent contributor on South Asian cable TV shows. 

Jessi was the Co-Founder of International Institute of Gurmat Studies, is the founder of IGS Now (In Global Synergy Now) and is on the board of Kaur Foundation. Jessi taught English Literature at Delhi University before moving to California where she has been a Talent Acquisition Consultant in Silicon Valley. 

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