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In the evolutionary process on planet earth human species is the most advanced species. What sets human species apart from other species is The human mind which is the most evolved among all the species. It is because of evolved mind, humans are able to control other animals that are physically stronger than humans. Lions and Elephants are physically stronger than humans, yet humans due to their evolved minds are able to control these animals. 

The evolved mind is a tool in the hands of the human species that is fairly new in the evolutionary process. Herein lies the greatest opportunity for every human. The opportunity is to move forward in the evolutionary process as every human has not fully understood the mind. 

When a human uses their mind without understanding the mind, the mind can work against the human. Inner turmoil and discomfort appearing as Anxiety, stress and fear are produced by the mind when a human does not understand the mind. Peace, joy and bliss are produced by the mind when a human understands the mind and how to use the mind. The inner turmoil is greatest discomfort similar to sitting in air conditioned room on a hot summer day with a burning piece of coal in hand and wondering why the cool air in not comforting. The burning piece of coal is mind working against a human. 

The human body is paradise when the mind produces peace, joy and bliss. When a human mind produces anxiety, stress and fear, the paradise is lost. Once the inner paradise is lost, a human starts looking for paradise outside of themselves and seeks peace, joy and bliss outside. The lost paradise seems further away when a human starts believing that others are responsible for their inner turmoil and expect others to fix it for them. This is a wrong direction in which most humans are moving in due to lack in understanding of their own mind. What happens inside a human is responsibility of that individual. Taking responsibility of what is happening inside is first step towards the lost paradise. The science of understanding the mind is spirituality. 

Here is an example of using the mind without having completely understood the mind. Mind is amazingly sly and tricks a human through words to remain separated from its roots aka God though it has never been separated. God is the omnipresent creator that has projected itself as creation. Creation is like waves and creator is the ocean. The two are never separated from each other and further essence of both is water. The water in the wave has existed since the water in ocean has, implying both have been there forever. 

This implies creation, in this case humans, are immortal (Amrit). Why would a human ever want to lose the understanding that I am an immortal being? Why would a human ever leave the paradise of peace, joy and bliss? Each moment one shall live their true self (Amrit). Therefore each moment is Amrit Vela for all humans including Sikhs. Definitely early morning we should remind ourselves (in case we have forgotten) who we are instead of living a falsified self throughout the day. The falsified self is paradise lost. The falsified self is identification with impermanence represented by mind/body and all possessions that have a beginning and an end. 

The paradise of peace, joy and bliss is our home that is inside. This paradise is revealed as realization of true self, which is A-mrit. The grace of Guru makes this possible. Grace happens when we as surt surrender to  Shabad Guru.

ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਵੇਲਾ ਸਚੁ ਨਾਉ ਵਡਿਆਈ ਵੀਚਾਰੁ ॥

During the amrit vela is a great contemplation of the True Name. 

(Guru Nanak Dev in Jap on Ang 2 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

ਰਸਨਾ ਹਰਿ ਰਸੁ ਪੀਜੈ ਅੰਤਰੁ ਭੀਜੈ ਸਾਚ ਸਬਦਿ ਬੀਚਾਰੀ ॥

ਅੰਤਰਿ ਖੂਹਟਾ ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤਿ ਭਰਿਆ ਸਬਦੇ ਕਾਢਿ ਪੀਐ ਪਨਿਹਾਰੀ ॥

The tongue tastes the subtle essence of the Lord, and deep within, the heart is drenched with His Love, contemplating the True Word of the Shabad. Deep within, the well of the heart is overflowing with the Lord's Ambrosial Nectar; the water-carrier draws and drinks in the water of the Shabad.

(Guru Amar Das in Raag Vadhans on Ang 570 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib)

Bhupinder Singh

Bhupinder Singh

I coach leaders who are striving for prosperity in form of physical and mental wellness along with spiritual growth rooted in principles of Gurbani.

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