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Gurbani Shabads with Shabad ID 2642

To play the Gurbani listed below either click the individual player button next to an audio or click the check boxes to the left of each audio track and then click the "Play" button to load them into a player.

Title Album Artist Length Plays
Gopal Tera Aarta Bhai Tejinder Singh (Shimla) 12:46 514
Tin Ke Kaaj Savaarta Tin Ke Kaaj Savarta Bhai Maninder Singh (Sri Nagar) 10:27 10,188
Jo Jan Tumri Bhagat Karante Bhai Kamaljeet Singh (Hazoori Raagi) 9:25 4,260
Gopal Tera Aarta Tere Darshan Kou Hum Baare Bhai Dalbir Singh (Hazoori Ragi) 7:05 11,140
Gopal Tera Aarta Chali Thakur Pai Haar Bhai Sarabjeet Singh (Hazoori Ragi) 9:12 5,826
Gopal Tera Artha Poota Mata Ki Asees Bhai Davinder Singh Ji Nirman (Amritsar) 5:19 2,384
GOPAL TERA AARTA Gopal Tera Aarta (VS+GS) Bhai Vikramjit & Gursewak Singh (NKJ Gurdaspur) 7:00 1,496
Gopal tera aartaa Bhai Surjit Singh Bhai Surjit Singh (Long Island) 5:04 1,416
Ghar Ki Geehan Changi Je Oh Athsath Teerath Navey Bhai Nirmal Singh 8:36 7,120
Raag Dhanaasri - Gopal Tera Aarta Anhad Prof Surinder Singh 6:36 4,391
Gopal Tera Aarta Gopal Tera Aarta (VS+GS) Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila 30:17 5,750
Gopal Tera Aaarta Unknown 18:10 590
Gopal Tera Arta Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi 13:56 2,309
Gopal Tera Aartaa Bhai Surjit Singh 5:04 717
Gopaal Tayraa Aartaa Bhai Jaspal Singh (Patiale) 10:25 962
Gopal Tera Aarta Teri Bhagat Na Chhodon Bhai Harjinder Singh (Srinagar) 8:42 26,736
Jo Jan Tumri Bhagat Karante Bhai Amarjit Singh Taan 20:14 7,693