Gurbani Shabads with Shabad ID 20052

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Title Album Artist Length Plays
Jai Tegang - Dr. Inderpreet Kaur, Patiala, Punjab Darbar-e-Khalsa - 2021 International Institute of Gurmat Studies 7:24 81
Jai Te Gang Jai Te Gang - The Shiv Shakti Mantra Satkirin Kaur Khalsa 31:24 4,336
Jai Tegang Hardev Singh Khalsa (Espanola) 18:34 1,107
Jai Tegang Old Recordings Bhai Surinder Singh Jodhpuri 2:34 4,535
Jai Tegang Chardikala Jatha 15:16 17,128
Jai Tegang (early mix/unmastered version) Our first mother and son music collaboration. Feeling so blessed Cynthia Agard (Sara Prem)/Jeremy Quintin (Srijit Anand) 11:31 3,929
Jai Jai Jag Kaaran Hardev Singh Khalsa (Espanola) 17:09 4,091
Jaite Gang Beloved Guru Shabad Singh Khalsa 12:46 4,187
Jai Te Gung (Live at SatNam Fest 2011) Satnam Fest 2011 Gurunam Singh 31:25 12,313
Jai Tegang Satkirin Kaur Khalsa 8:03 3,896
Jai Te Gang Mata Mandir Singh 30:39 8,903
Jai Te Gung Silent Moonlight Meditation Gurunam Singh 7:26 15,270
Jai Te Gang Summer Solstice 2010 Gurunam Singh 6:09 9,580
Jai Tegan Jai Tegan Aesi Marni Jo Marey Bhai Joginder Singh (Riar) 6:41 27,210
Jai Jai Jag Karan Srist Ubaran Bhai Gupal Singh (Boston) 6:21 3,168
Jai Jai Jag Karan Srist Ubarang Mam Prit Parang Jai Te Gangg More Shabads Bhai Surjit Singh (Long Island) 3:18 6,311
Jai Tegang Adhara Nirinjan Kaur Khalsa (Vancouver) 8:38 45,382
Khag Khand Bihandan Bhai Jaya Singh 9:16 1,975
Jai Tegang Bhai Gurmeet Singh Shant 2:46 7,278
Jai Tegang Bhai Avtar Singh & Gurucharan Singh 23:38 11,077