Mata Mandir Singh

Mata Mandir Singh was born in 1952 in the USA. He has been teaching Kundalini yoga and gatka (Gatka is an ancient martial art used by the Gurus to help defend the religious beliefs of Sikhs and also those of other religions). Mata Mandir has been a student of Yogi Bhajan for 20 years. An expert in vegetarian cooking, he is also the owner of Golden Temple restaurant - Amsterdam's oldest vegetarian restaurant. Mata Mander Singh specializes in yoga of sound, naad yoga, and has produced more then 25 CD's and tapes with mantras where he plays guitar and sings.

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Most Played

Title Length Plays
Bahuta Karam (25th stanza from Japji) 30:06 25,239
Japji Sahib (Musical) 44:44 17,517
Japji Sahib - English 59:49 12,610
Waah Yantee Kar Yantee 7:42 9,333
Mera Baid 15:33 9,143
Chatr Chakra Varti 10:21 7,737
Guru Ram Das Lullaby 28:23 7,557
Gobinde Mukande 6:21 6,904
Mul Mantra 7:45 6,877
Mitre Piare Noon 17:23 6,496