Jai Tegang (early mix/unmastered version)

I am doing a Sadhana now of Jai Tegang in my Light of Shabad Guru facebook group. I am so grateful for this beautiful sangha that i worship Waheguru with and we study Sikh history and share love with each other. Also I am grateful for my son Jeremy Quintin/ Srijit Anand Singh. He created this music for another project of his but as soon as I heard it I knew it was perfect for Jai Tegang and then we collaborated to create this beautiful composition that you see here. This is an early mix. I wanted to share it with my group. I love Gurbani Shabad. I have been singing Gurbani Shabad since Jan 1 2016. I started via Spirit Voyage Global Sadhana learning Japji led by Snatam Kaur. Waheguru !!!!!

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