Sardar Bhupinder Singh Holland was born in Amritsar, the city founded by Guru Ram Das Sahib. He lives in the Netherlands since 1973 where he worked for the International computer firm IBM Nederland’s for more than three decades as Accounting Analyst. Sardar Bhupinder Singh has made significant contribution to the Sikh cause in Europe. As a Sikh missionary, social worker and public leader, he is among the most prominent Sikhs of the Europe. He has earned several awards including the Ambassador for Peace for his contribution to the Dutch society, especially the Sikhs and has been honoured by many Sikh organisations and Gurdwara’s around the world. He is chief of ISYF (Holland Unit), World Sikh Writers Conference (Holland branch), member Siri Nankana Sahib Foundation. 

In 1996, he began research work on the Sikhs’ sacrifices during the two world Wars. He collected precious information and rare photographs most of which was hitherto not known to the world. These two works are a sort of mini archive of the Sikhs. These two books earned name and fame for him and he received special commendations from the scholars, statesmen and others. Both the works are historical, precious and priceless. His 3rd work is history of the Dutch Sikhs. Like his other works, he has made this work too as museum and archive of the Sikhs of Holland. A Sikh home in Europe, without this treasure, will be considering as incomplete house. For his work and contribution to Sikh Cause, Sardar Bhupinder Singh Holland was honoured by Jathedar Avtar Singh, President, Shromani Gurdwara Committee, Siri Amritsar in January 2008.