Sikh Helpline Saves Girl from Sexual Predator

Sikh Helpline Saves Girl from Sexual Predator

“I don’t mind taking every restless night on the phone, as long as I am helping someone then there is nothing greater....

“I don’t mind taking every restless night on the phone, as long as I am helping someone then there is nothing greater. I feel this is all possible through the Guru’s grace.”

- Giani Sukha Singh

Giani Ji first started the helpline by giving out his personal home phone number to kids in his youth camps that needed someone outside of their family to talk to. He instructed them to “call anytime, day or night”. As word of his seva spread the calls became too many and his phone wouldn’t stop ringing, on the urgent pleas from his wife, he dedicated a separate toll free line for people to call. 

Giani Sukha realized that there was a great need for the Sikh Helpline which began to deal with all types of callers seeking help on a variety of issues ranging from domestic violence to bullying at schools. He did not shy away from the community's need, instead Giani Sukha took on the challenge, inspiring a group of volunteers and expanding the helplines reach to include a larger and larger area in England. 

Grooming is a huge problem for Sikh youth in England and one of the most harmful types of cases that the helpline deals with. If you’re not familiar with grooming it is a crime where grown men target young girls (sometimes still in school), seduce them with false praise, emotional comfort, and gifts, only to then turn on them, exploiting and harming the young women for personal gain.  

Through the efforts of a network of dedicated volunteers, many who are professional psychologists, barristers, and community leaders the Sikh Helpline is there to not only listen but to step in, taking legal actions if necessary to insure the safety of the person in need. In many cases the Sikh Helpline has been able to prevent grooming and domestic violence cases before they turned tragic. The Sikh Helpline is for anyone and will listen to you without discrimination no matter your religion or ethnicity. 

In 2014 the Sikh Helpline was given well deserved international recognition when it was awarded the Sikhs in Charity Award at the annual Sikh Awards. 

Ajay Gupta

Ajay Gupta

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