New Course! Amrit Vela Awakening

Establishing Your Daily Spiritual Practice

It's easy to live in a fanatic way and it's easy to live in a lazy way. What's hard is living a balanced life.

In the new SikhNet Learning Center course, Amrit Vela Awakening: Establishing Your Daily Spiritual Practice, you will learn how to create balance in your own life through your daily spiritual practice and why it's important to do this in the Amrit Vela, the sacred early morning hours.

Learn how to:

  • Clear mental garbage and negativity from your life
  • Clear mental garbage and negativity from your life
  • Create your own effective daily spiritual practice
  • Fit your daily practice into your busy life
  • Invest in your spiritual growth
  • Connect yourself to the infinity within you


“Sikhnet has taught me so much and helped connect me to the Guru. I have sought Sikhnet in the most testing of times. Thank you for your Seva.” —Manvee R.


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