An inspiring video story that touched our hearts. . .

Here at SikhNet, Kiranjit Kaur's story touched our hearts in a raw, poignant way. We met her on our UK tour, and she is the most loving and giving person you could meet. When you watch her video and hear her talking about self-harm and wanting to die, it’s hard to imagine it’s the same person. 

This is real life. We all have good intentions, but our spiritual life is the glue that binds our intentions to our outward actions (our actions toward ourselves AND toward others) and without connection to that most intimate and important part of ourselves, we die. Kiranjit found her connection through Wahe Guru.  

Kiranjit’s story is a powerful reminder that we each must have the courage to find connection to survive. 

SikhNet is an important access point for many young people to find that connection. Please watch Kiranjit’s video and know how much you are a part of that! Your contribution makes it possible for SikhNet to be there.

Will you take a minute right now and give a gift to help carry on SikhNet's work?

Thank you for your support.  

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