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SikhNet Gurbani Media Center ANDROID Features

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When the Gurbani Media Center went live on SikhNet, it soon became iconic....

When the Gurbani Media Center went live on SikhNet, it soon became iconic. In short order, it grew to become the largest repository for Gurbani online, and now has over 20,000 tracks and over 700 artists. The divine vibrations of the Guru’s music is spreading as never before through this new avenue. SikhNet is proud to announce that our popular Gurbani Media Center App is now available for Android platforms. The Gurbani Media Center App for Android is convenient, customizable and personalized. It connects you to the largest online archive of Gurbani in the world, anywhere, anytime. Available are daily Banis, Shabads, Akhand Paath, sacred chants, devotional songs in English, live performances and spiritual talks.
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