How Rupi and KayRay "Got Out There"

Journey of Two Rising Artists

[VIDEO] These 2 young women got inspired to "put themselves out there" in 2013 by making 3 films in 1 week....

SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival
In 2013, these young artists were inspired to "put themselves out there" through the SikhNet Youth OnLine Film Festival. Kiran Rai Kaur got inspired and asked her friend, Rupi Kaur, to help her make 3 films in 1 week. (Cancer TrainKES, and The Warrior Empress)

Up until that point, Rupi had done some poetry reading in her local area, but wasn't thinking of expanding beyond that. Kiran Rai hadn't produced a film before. They decided to enter the SikhNet Film Festival, without any plans to do anything like this again.

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Their films were seen by thousands of Sikhs and non-Sikhs alike across the world. The response they got was amazing. The energy they got by sharing their stories was addicting. "There is nothing like it."

aAfter getting this kind of exposure, both of them have thrown themselves into doing the thing they each love: art.

Kiran Rai is starring in the upcoming show Anarkali, and film ANANKE. She starred in, directed, and produced the short film Kirpa. She is a modelclothing designer, and youtube vlogger.

aRupi Kaur tours around the world to perform her spoken word, and has authored the book, "milk and honey." She is a popular artist on Instagram and made headlines when some of her images were temporarily banned from the website. She collaborates on film projects, and does art directing


Congratulations to both of you. Keep following your dreams. We are proud of you.

Editors Note: In this video both women are being interviewed by Harijot Singh from SikhNet. There is a very sweet part when they both realize that they got their start with the SikhNet Youth Film Festival. 
If you have not yet started to make your film for this year's SikhNet Youth OnLine Film Festival - don't delay.

How To Make a Film

Submission Deadline is Aug. 31
This year's film festival theme:
Sikhs – Agents of Change
How Living Our Guru’s Teachings Creates Healing In The World.

We have changed up the prizes a little this year. Now there are still three chances for Intermediates (18-28 y/o) to win $1,000, but there are no categories. The prizes will simply be awarded to the top 3 ranking Intermediate films. Juniors (11-17) also have a chance to win $500, and Seniors (29+) will get a certificate.

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