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In the video SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Bhajan) starts by talking about just "being" a Sikh verses experiencing and living as a Sikh (He related this in the terms he called "Concept" and "Conception"). He then talks about how Sikhs have been betrayed by the so called "Sikh Leadership" and how youth should not rely on them and BECOME the leaders themselves. He shares inspiring experiences from his youth before the partition of India when he was part of creating the All India Sikh Student Federation. He explains how the youth worked together and formed a powerful force with Sikhi as a base and through trust, honesty, equality. He shares the ingredients of what made this work and how youth of today can do this as well. 

This video is an excerpt of a longer session which was recorded. Click here for the additional 2 hours (2 hour, 40 minute total) audio. Among things he discusses are details of how certain Sikh practices are not as potent as they had been in the past, how he got the title "Siri Singh Sahib", stories of Sikh leadership betrayal, clearing certain controversies, the nature of yoga, the great gifts in Sikhi and offering suggestions for how the youth can be self empowered.


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