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5001 American Blvd W.Suite # 100 Bloomington,MN 55437,USA
Waheguru Ji Ki Khalsa Waheguru Ji Fateh, VR1 Travel will be honoured to work with the organization like Sikhnet. Sikhnet is doing GREAT job to attach the community with Waheguru.
VR1 Travel offers Airline ticketing, Hotel reservations and Car Rental Services. VR1 is dedicated to serving the needs of Individual and Corporate world.. Mission - To Provide the Best Service in Lowest Price We Provide the Lowest Fare in Air Tcikets(Domestic and Internationally ) ,Cruise, Tour Packages,Hotel Reservation, Cat Rental,Travel Insurance and Visa Services. Description - VR1 Travel- A name you can trust upon for all of your travel needs. Over 10 years of professional experience our travel experts guide you step by step for your dream vacation with a "WOW" feeling. We provide Best Airfare on all the airlines through out the world.


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