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Ludhiana Punjab India
Music Cooking Photographic
Surinderpal Singh Khalsa (Ludhiana Wale) have been singing Gurbani Kirtan as a Ragi. Bestowed with a melodious voice, he has been performing at various places globally which includes India, Kenya, Canada, Thailand etc., since 1994. Contacts: +919815527925, +919915260016


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8 years 2 months
15 tracks played.


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Title Createdsort descending
Jehwa Jap Gur Nao Jan 18, 2012
Ustat Kar Kar Jiwaan Jan 18, 2012
So Kio Manda Aakhiey Mar 22, 2013
Gur Jaisa Naahi Ko Dev Mar 22, 2013
Hum Mailey Tum Ujjal Karte Mar 22, 2013
So Satgur Pyara Mere Naal Hai Mar 22, 2013


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