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Osaka, JP
The light of the sun, it shines in different directions you know... it shines in the direction of harmonic series, i can perceive them as silence at different levels of decibels, at different levels of decibels of sound, musical instruments created by the infinite energy of the cosmos singing Sare Sa Sa Sare Sa Sa Sare Sa Sa and sealing it with the gong at the beginning of the next one with the gong. Me to myself, finding my diamonds. In terms of Mathematics, Trigonometry, Algebra; to me the light of the Sun shines towards many disciplines, i see myself in front of the pyramid in rock stance, my hands in prayer mudra up to the heavens, and me twisting me chest left to right... my main area of interest are pyramids, they are built out of unfinished squares and complemented with triangles... Egyptian Math suggests we are infinite and unfinished squares, and human nature suggest we can complement it with very specific kinds of triangles Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji, Ki Vateh
i recently started the discipline of making more music to sing mentally, although some friends said i should sing shabad and sing the pauris of the nitnem, but im not too confident about my external voice, i find peace with my inner voice because by using my imagination i can hear the sounds... so yes i will try to sing more


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