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Sing-Along-Story: ਗੁਰੁ ਸਿਖੀ ਦੀ ਏਹ ਨੀਸ਼ਾਣੀ

Ajeet S: Simer Singh, wake up! Kirpa Kaur, wake up! Did you sleep well? 

Simer S: The last thing I remember was Mumma singing 'karoh benantee..'

Kirpa K: I love it when you wake up Ajeet Veerji.

Ajeet S: Lets race and see who can take a shower first!

Simer S: I'm going to win!

Kirpa K: Mumma, can I take a bubble bath? 

Ajeet S: Kirpa Kaur, you do Japji Sahib today, I'll do Jaap Sahib, Simer Singh will do Tav Parsaad Svayai. 

Simer S: I'm getting hungry, let's do our paath fast so I can eat breakfast!

Kirpa: Can I do Ardaas today too? 

Ajeet S: Hey guys, should we listen to Anand Sahib? 

Simer S: Yeah! I'm going to sing really loud!

Kirpa K: I love listening to kirtan all day. 

Ajeet S: I'm so thankful to Waheguru for making basketball courts, because I love playing basketball!

Simer S: I'm so thankful for these shoes. I can jump so high!

Kirpa K: I'm so thankful for my Veerjis.

Ajeet S: Look the Panj Piaarey are standing behind the Guru Granth Sahib Ji. 

Simer S: I love their big kirpaans.

Kirpa K: I'm going to be a Panj Piaara one day. 

Ajeet S: In this shabad, we learn that we should always remember Waheguru. 

Simer S: Everybody please sing with us. 

Kirpa K: I love playing tabla. 

I'm proud to be a Sikh of the Guru so true, 

With his guidance I know just what to do. 

Gurbani tells me how I should live every day. 
I have no worries, hip hip hooray!


I choose to be a Sikh and I rise up with the sun, 

Then I take a shower and I'm ready for some fun. 
First I do my Japji Sahib to guide me through the day, 

Mind and body both are clean, my doubts have washed away. 


Now I have no bad thoughts or hate for anyone, 

With the Guru by my side, I can hit a home run. 

Standing or sitting, Gurbani's on my mind, 

I feel like singing kirtan, all of the time. 

I remember Guru ji with every breath I take, 

The Guru always loves me, my heart will never break. 

I am a traveler and the Guru is my guide, 
The way to reach Him is to swallow my pride. 

Guest Storytellers:  Avneet Kaur
Topics:  My Sikhi
Age ranges:  1 - 6