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Dream Big Little Singh

DREAM BIG little Singh

Oh! You are the son of a King! 

You can change the world around you, 
Let love, humility and compassion surround you!
Shine bright and realize the strength within you, 
Find inspiration from GurSikhs who follow the Guru...


Be the best friend like Bhai Mardana Ji, He was always ready with his rabab to join Guru Nanak so Waheguru's message could spread in every direction. 

Be wise like Baba Buddha Ji, He gave advise as clear as a crystal, welcomed by many Sikhs of the Guru. Did you know that he lived for more than 100 years and was chosen to be the first Granth of Harmandir Sahib? 

Be humble like Bhai Gurdas Ji, He not only served as a scribe for Adi Granth, But Guru ji called his vaaraan the keys to the treasure contained in it. 

Be creative like Bhai Nand Lal Ji, He was a man of letter and the topmost poet in Guru Gobind Singh Ji's court. Fun Fact: Guru Gobind Singh Ji referred to Bhai Nand Lal Ji as his jewel. 

Be kind like Bhai Ghanaiya Ji, He gave water to friends and opponents alike, as he saw the Guru's light in everyone.

Lead the way like the Panj Pyaare, They came forward to become the first five members of the Khalsa created by Guru Gobind Singh ji. 

Be brave like the Vadde Sahibzaade, Their willpower to fight until the end during the battle of Chamkaur was rock-solid. 

Stand up for justice like Chhote Sahibzaade, They stood tall like mountains to protect the values of Sikhi, even as Wazir Khan ordered a wall of bricks to be built around them. Did you know: Sahibzaada Zorawar Singh was only ~9 years old and Sahibzaada Fateh Singh was only ~7 years old at the time? 

Accept God's Will like Bhai Bhikari Ji, He was as happy as a bird in the spring on his son's wedding day while planning for his last day on earth at the same time. 

Be multi-talented like Bhai Mani Singh Ji, he was a devout Sikh, an expert scholar, a top-notch leader, and a warrior as courageous as a lion. Did you know: He achieved martyrdom by having his body cut piece-by-piece? 

Whatever you do, wherever you go, you'll be a Singh and the world will know!

Show them how Bold, yet Humble a Singh can be. 

For you are a son of Guru Gobind Singh Ji.