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Dream Big Little Kaur - Storybook for Children

Dream BIG Little Kaur!

So fortunate and blessed you are!

Daughter of the great Guru Gobind Singh, 

Aim high! You can achieve anything! 

Shine bright and realize the strength within you! Find inspiration from GurSikhs who follow the Guru...

Be LOVING like Bebe Nanki Ji. She loved her brother more than all the stars in the sky. She was the first to see that Guru Nanak made the whole world brighter. 

Be SELFLESS like Mata Khivi Ji. She humbly cooked and served Langar where the wealthy and penniless all sat together to enjoy a meal as delicious as the icing on the cake. 

Be DEVOUT like Bibi Amro Ji. She woke up even before the birds started tweeting and sang in her sweet voice. Her melodious kirtan led Guru Amardas Ji to the House of Nanak. 

ACCEPT GOD'S WILL like Bibi Bhani ji. She was a thoughtful daughter, a loving wife, and a fantabulous mother! She always had a sparkling smile that lit up the room, even when things didn't go her way. 

BE CREATIVE like Bibi Roop Kaur Ji. She collected the pearls of wisdom as Guru Har Rai Ji spoke with the Sangat, creating treasured documents. 

BE BRAVE like Mata Bhag Kaur Ji. She was a fearless warrior who led the Chaali Mukte into battle, with her love of the Guru shining as bright as the sun. 

INSPIRE like Mata Gujri Ji. She taught Gurbani to the Sahibzaaday, igniting the flame of Guru's love in their hearts. 

LEAD THE WAY like Mata Sunder Kaur Ji. She helped make Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji's saroop to light the way for the growing Khalsa Panth. 

STAND UP FOR JUSTICE like Mata Sahib Kaur Ji. She was a leader with heart of gold who wasn't afraid to tackle bullies. Guru Gobind Singh blessed her with the title "Mother of the Khalsa"

BE WISE like Rani Sada Kaur. She was the brains behind Maharaja Ranjit Singh's most important battle plans and a commander as brave as a lion. She helped lay the foundation of the Sikh empire. 

Whatever you do, wherever you go, you'll be a Kaur, and the world will know! 

Show them how bold and beautiful a Kaur can be, for you are a daughter of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 

This vook was Written by: Curious Khalsa, Published by: Brave Lion Books, Illustrated & Animated by: Pardeep Singh and Produced by: SikhNet

Guest Storytellers:  Curious Khalsa
Topics:  Kaurs
Age ranges:  1 - 6