Be Brave My Love | Story Book Animation for Kids -

Be Brave my Love

Written by Bhajneet Singh

Illustrated by Pardeep Singh

Dear Ajeet, Simar and Kirpa, 

This book is for you, and also for me, your mom, and everyone out there to remind us how to live each day. 
Love, Daddy ji

My love, as you wake up in the morning and reach for the sky... BE EXCITED! What a blessing it is to have a full day to play, learn and make a difference. 
My love, as you step into the bathroom to get ready for the day... THINK OF SOMEONE YOU LOVE! Share why you appreciate them, and show them your love. 
My love, as you head to school for a day full of fun and learning... DREAM BIG! You can cross the monkey bars or fly to the moon. You can do anything that you set your mind and heart to. 

My love, as you stand in front of the class to present your favorite animal... BE BRAVE! Gather your courage and share your excitement as if you're in a safari. Roar through any situation confidently with the strength of a lion. 
My love, as you are playing and see someone fall down... BE A SUPERHERO! Run faster than lightening to help those in need, and turn their tears into smiles. 

My love, as you come home from school and share your day with your family... LAUGH! Laugh so hard that you feel it in your cheeks. Whether you get a good grade or a bad one, whether you catch the winning pass or drop it, always keep smiling. 
My love, as you lay in bed with the lights off, ready to dream... BE THANKFUL! Be thankful for toys, friends, family, even thankful for the air you breath. As you close your eyes, feeling grateful for everything, BE EXCITED for the next day to come... 

Guest Storytellers:  Dr. Natasha Kaur Singh
Topics:  Life Lessons
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 13 - 17