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Guru Amar Das, the third Guru, had two daughters. One's name was Bibi Dhani, and the other was Bibi Bhani. Bibi Dhani was married to a man named Rama and Bibi Bhani was married to Bhai Jetha who the Guru gave the name Ram Das. The Guru was very old, and people were always wondering who he would pass the Guruship on to, it must either be Raama or Ram Das. The Guru decided to test both of them in front of everyone, so people understood who was more worthy. During this time the Sikhs were digging out land for the tank. The Hari Mandir Sahib would be build in the middle of it later. Guru Amar Das ji went to both of them and ordered: "I want you to make a platform for me. It will be so I can watch the tank being built. I want it...." and he told exactly the size and shape he wanted it. So both men quickly went to work making the platform just as the Guru asked. They got the best wood they could, they got nails, hammers and saws. They both worked very hard building the platform just the right height, the right width, the right length, just as the Guru asked.

The next day both were ready and Guru Amar Das came to Rama. Rama said "Holy father, I have prepared this platform just as you have asked and I offer it to you." Guru Amar Das just looked at it and said, "No, it's not really just how I want it, it needs to be better, why don't you try? Take it down and build me another one but how I want it." Raama wasn't happy about this and went to make it again grumbling. When Guru Amar Das came to Ram Das, he said the same thing, "It's no good. Build it again and this time try. Take it down and build one how I like it." Ram Das bowed his head and quietly did as the Guru said. The next day both men made another platform, working all night to get it done in time. They both added extra designs to add beauty to their already perfect work. This time the Guru said the same thing to these men, "I don't know why you aren't trying. Why don't you do something right? Tear it down and build it again." Raama was really upset this time. He thought, "The Guru is saying different things on different days. Maybe he's going crazy." He protested some, "This doesn't make any sense! How can I possibly make it even better than this!?" But Rama, even though he was frustrated, listened again to the Guru and started making another one. Ram Das didn't protest and accepted what the Guru said without question.

The next day again Guru Amar Das saw what they had made and just shook his head in disappointment. "Tear it down and build it again." He said as he was walking away. Rama couldn't take it this time. "I've tried my hardest, I build three platforms. I made them perfect and then even more perfect. If you don't like this last one, than you'll never like what I make. I won't make you a fourth!" The Guru came to Ram Das and did the same thing. Ram Das however cheerfully tore down his platform and started again for the fourth platform. The next day the Guru again saw it and just said, "NO! Do it again!" Ram Das continued attempting to perfect his design. Nothing could satisfy the Guru. This happened even more times. Every day Ram Das would build a platform, working very hard without sleep and the Guru would reject it. He built seven platforms. When Guru Amar Das said, "It's no good, tear it down and build it again!" This time Ram Das fell at the Gurus feet and said, "My Guru I have failed to understand your order, please bless me with understanding that I can serve you." Guru ji made him stand up and gave him a big hug. Then he announced to the Sikhs, "You have seen with your eyes who is the real servant. Ram Das has passed my tests and has stayed devotional. He is fit in every way to take my place as Guru. He is a perfect man."

The next day Guru Amar Das had him clean up, get dressed in the nicest clothes and come in front of all the Sikhs for a ceremony. Guru ji announced to everyone: "Guru Nanak has made the rule that only the most worthy will sit on the throne of Guruship. I have found Rams Das to be the most worthy of all." The Guru had Baba Budha ji put a tilak on Ram Das's forehead to show the honor and responsibility he has received. The Guru got off his platform and sat Ram Das on it. He put a coconut and five pennies in front of him to remind him to be soft on the inside and to share with even the poorest. He told his family and all the Sikhs to bow to him as Guru. Guru Amar Das showed by example. He bowed to Ram Das and walked around him three times. From now on he was known as Guru Ram Das, he is the Guru of Miracles, the fourth King on the throne of Guru Nanak. Hail, Hail Guru Ram Das, heal our world.

Storyteller:  Guruliv Singh
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 13 - 17, 7 - 12