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After Guru Gobind Singh left this Earth, the Khalsa had to meet many challenges. They had to secretly live in the jungles but through their faith they survived. Many believed that there were no more Sikhs left alive. But the Khalsa kept growing in power. Soon enough, a man named Ranjit Singh began to be known as the King. He obtained a lot of land far and wide throughout the whole area. He became a Maharaja - a great king. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a devoted Sikh of the Guru and also a rich King. He stayed in the capital city of Lahore. It was during this time that a robber named Maan Singh started to become very famous in the Lahore area.

The robber Maan Singh and his 50 horsemen would raid villages, kill people, and steal many valuables. Maharaja Ranjit Singh sent out an order to go and stop this robber. “If anyone catches him alive I will give him two villages!” he said. Very few wanted to face the brave and fearless robber and no one thought that he could stop him. In the city of Lahore, Maan Singh posted up a sign that said, “If anyone catches me alive, I will give him the throne of Lahore.” This was a direct insult to Maharaja Ji.

One day an unknown Singh rode through the jungle. He met with Maan Singh, the robber. After exchanging some words, they began to fight one-on-one. The fight lasted a very long time. They were equal fighters. Finally the robber became tired and the Singh took his opportunity and knocked Maan Singh’s sword out of his hand. Tackling him to the ground the Singh said, “Now I have you alive, give me the throne of Lahore!” Now Maan Singh, even though he was a wicked thief, felt honor bound to his promise to give the Singh the throne of Lahore. So he said, “We’ll have to capture it first. Let us go.” When they arrived at the gates of Lahore the guards welcomed the Singh and opened the doors. Maan Singh was confused. When the Singh walked into the city he was met with applause from the people.

Maan Singh started to realize that this wasn’t a typical person who beat him in a fight. The Singh announced, “I am the king of Lahore, the throne is mine. Your promise is fulfilled.” Maan Singh was wonder struck! The man who faced him in combat was actually Maharaja Ranjit Singh himself! The Maharaja was virtuous and kind, he didn’t punish the robber for his past actions. The robber became inspired by the nobility and fearlessness of the Sikhs. He became Sardar Maan Singh and joined the Khalsa army. Everything about him changed. Such was the kingdom of Ranjit Singh, no one was ever punished by death and people were always given a chance to right any wrongs they had done and to change themselves to become better. 

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 After Guru Gobind Singh left this Earth, the Khalsa met many challenges. They had to live in the jungles, and many believed that there were no more Sikhs left alive. But the Khalsa grew in power through time. Soon enough, a man named Ranjit Singh started to be known as King. He obtained territory far and wide, throughout the whole area. He became a great King. He became a Maharaja. Maharaja Ranjit Singh was a devoted Sikh of the Guru and also a rich King. He stayed in the capital city of Lahore. It was during the time of this Maharaja that a robber named Maan Singh started to become very famous. Maan Singh killed many innocent people. He stole money, and people began to become poor.

Everyone was really afraid of him, but he was very courageous. He was a brave bandit, and him and his fifty horsemen would ride from village to village, and kill anybody who stood in their way. They would steal the money and all valuables. There was no village that could stand up to his power. At some time, he moved to Lahore. He stayed around in Lahore from this day on-wards. During the day he and his men would hide in the forest, but during the nighttime, they would come out and make their destruction. People started saying, "Ranjit Singh may rule during the day, but Maan Singh, he rules at night." When the Maharaja heard this news, he stood up and said to his soldiers, "Catch him alive, but don't kill him. I want to see him!" But this task was almost impossible. Who could stand up to Maan Singh, much less capture him and keep him alive? Many soldiers tried, but no one succeeded. One day, Maharaja Ranjit Singh announced, "Whoever catches him alive, I will give two villages!" Many people wanted to get rid of the robber, but Maan Singh had fifty horsemen and they were all very brave. Nobody wanted to die by their hands. Later one day, some people were walking around Lahore and they saw something on the wall.

"Oh hey, what's that?"

"It looks like a poster."

"It looks like it's from Maan Singh."

"Well, well don't just stand there, what does it say?"

And here is what the note said, "If anyone catches me alive, I will give him the throne to Lahore. Ha, ha, ha." What a great insult to Maharaja Ranjit Singh! It was saying that Maharaja had no power of Lahore. So Ranjit Singh sent detectives to look everywhere to see if they could find this Maan Singh.

After a few days, there was one Singh passing through the forest with tall horsemen. Maan Singh saw them, "Who are you?" Ha, ha. Stop there." The Singh replied, "Who is this man who challenges us? He's only so proud because we have so few and he has so many." And he was right. It would be too easy for fifty horsemen to defeat twelve. Maan Singh said, "Ha, ha. Who said that? Let us fight one on one." They pulled up their swords, and a fierce fight started. The fight continued for thirty minutes. Both men were equally strong, both were great fighters and excellent swordsmen. The fight was going for such a long time. No one knew who was going to win. Finally, the robber jumped and suddenly attacked the brave Singh, but the Singh was able to protect himself. He just took one step back and started laughing at the robber. This made the robber, Maan Singh, very angry. Now he lost control. So he went up to the Singh, who was the most courageous and brave fighter he had ever seen, and he started attacking as fast as he could. Finally the robber got tired, and the Singh took his opportunity. He attacked the robber with a special fighting technique called the Crow Snatch, and the robber's sword fell on the ground. That brave Singh put his arm around the robber's neck and then sat on his chest. Then he said, "Now since I have won, give me the throne of Lahore." Then the brave robber said, "I've never seen such a courageous guy as you. I thought no one could defeat me, heh, but you did. I said I'd give you the throne, and now I must. But first, we have to capture it. Let us go. But there are many guards outside the Lahore fort, so be careful. Heh"

So they both went to the Lahore fort. Then the robber said, "Hey, come here, let's go. But be careful, alright? Heh."

"Don't worry about me. Ha, I think I can manage!"

As the brave Singh and the robber approached the Lahore gate, the guard at the gate shouted, "Halt! Who goes there?" The brave Singh pointed towards one of his horsemen, and that horsemen went over to the guard and said something. The robber didn't understand what was going on. Then the guard opened the gate! The robber was surprised, "He must be more clever than I thought, he must already know them! Heh." When they entered inside Lahore, everyone saluted the brave Singh. "Now I take the throne of Lahore! Now your words can be fulfilled.", and then he announced, "I am the King of Lahore!"

"Three cheers to the King"

"Long live the King!

"Long the live the King!!!"

The robber Maan Singh was surprised when he came to know that this brave Singh was Maharaja Singh the whole time. Maharaja Ranjit Singh did not punish the robber, he changed him. The robber Maan Singh became Sardar Maan Singh and used his bravery and skill to protect poor people. He was very courageous and so he became a soldier of the Khalsa. In the rule of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, no one was every punished. In fact, everyone was given a fair chance to change.

Storyteller:  Harijot Singh Khalsa
Topics:  Adventure
Age ranges:  13 - 17, 18 and over, 7 - 12