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Nanak’s older sister’s name was Nanaki. She had moved away from her childhood home with her husband to a city called Sultanpur. She convinced her father to let Nanak come over and live with her new in this new city. There she found him a nice girl to marry, and they got married. She found him a job too. In the city of Sultanpur everyone really liked Nanak, he was always speaking Truth. Everyone thought he was such a unique and great person. A lot of the time he would suddenly just start singing. Everyone was really inspired by him because the Truth that he sang uplifted everyone.

His job was to give out wheat to people. His boss liked him because he was a hard worker and he was very honest. When people came to buy wheat, his job was to weigh it and give it to them. It was a nice and simple job, he could meditate while doing it. How lucky for him! This situation seemed perfect for him.

One day a customer noticed something funny. As Nanak weighed out the wheat, he would count 1-2-3-4-5... When he came to 13 he just repeated it over and over. In Nanak’s language the number13 is ‘teraa’. But ‘Teraa’ also means ‘Yours’. So when he would count up to ‘teraa’ he would start to think about how he belonged to God.  “Everything is Yours, everything is Yours, everything is Yours... Yours, Yours, Yours, teraa, teraa, teraa, teraa, teraa...” he would say over and over.  You see, he was in love with God.

Closing his eyes, and with a smile on his lips, he would scoop out way more wheat than the people had paid for. Nanak was so lost in thinking “Yours Oh God... Yours, Yours, Yours.” Someone told Nanak’s boss that he was giving away wheat for free. He said, “I think you should know about this. I have something to tell you about Nanak. He’s a nice boy but he’s  throwing away your money. He’s been closing his eyes and giving your wheat away.”

So Nanak’s boss came over to see for himself. When he got there everything seemed normal. The wheat was all there. So he sat down and counted all the money Nanak had collected. He looked at the record book and weighed all the wheat. Then he looked at the numbers to see exactly how much wheat there should be.

His boss was very surprised with what he found. Can you guess what happened? There was actually more wheat there then he expected! Everyone was shocked, a miracle must have happened. They had seen him giving much more wheat than people paid for, and now look! There was more than there should be!

God protected Nanak. Every time Nanak was about to get in trouble, he was protected. This is because he was completely honest and he was thinking completely about God all the time. People in the city began to love Nanak a lot. They loved his singing and everyone knew that he was very holy. Those were very happy times in the city of Sultanpur.

Storyteller:  Gurumeher Kaur
Topics:  Bed Time, Gurus, Guru Nanak
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 7 - 12