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Listening to the Heavens

One day, a boy was sitting in his room watching T.V. when his sister came into the room, "Do you remember Auntie ji?" She said, "I love her. She understands everything. She just says a few things and people change for the rest of their lives." The brother wasn't really paying attention, "Ummm, yeahh... uh... I'm watching my T.V. show, I need to watch the final episode!" So the sister waited until his show was over and came back, "Ok, I waited, now c'mon let's go. Don't you know she can talk to the heavens?" Her brother wasn't really listening to her, he was playing video games. "Uh... yeah heavens... ooooh I'm about to level up!" Then the sister said, "I know where you keep your allowance. Bye! I'm taking it!" So he finally stopped playing his game, "No stop!.... Ok, I'll go with you. but it doesn't matter. Adults are all the same, they just like to talk."

They both went to visit Auntie ji who was a very graceful woman. She told them, "Welcome my dear children." She looked at both of them and then leaned over to the girl and whispered something in her ear. The girl giggled and smiled with joy.

After that Auntie ji left as gracefully as she came in. Time passed and the girl kept thinking about what that her beautiful Auntie ji, had told her. She would smile and giggle every time she thought about it... Her brother kept noticing this, "My sister's been so giggly ever since Auntie whispered to her. I wonder what she said. Hmmm... Why didn't she say anything to me?!" The happier his sister got, the more annoyed he got. "What on earth did she tell her!? I don't understand why she didn't say anything to me. I guess she didn't care..."

He finally got so annoyed that he decided to go see his Auntie ji again. "My dear child, welcome again. I am so happy you are back" He was surprised. He did think that she cared about him, "You are happy to see me?" Then she said, "Oh, my dear child, I'm very happy to see you. I was hoping you would come back, you are very precious to me. I have a special message just for you." He asked her, "If you had a special message, why didn't you tell me before?" "You know, everyone has a message meant just for them. Yours will make you very happy. I wanted to tell you very much. I want to see you be successful in your life. I want you to have everything. I wish you the very best!" The boy asked, "Well gosh, but why didn't you tell me the message before if you wanted to so badly?"

She looked him deeply in the eyes. She leaned very close. He could smell her. She smelled like roses. Then she whispered something in his ear, "Would you have listened to anything I said?" ...He took a little time to answer her,"No, I guess I didn't really want to hear anything you said." She explained to him, "There are many angels here. There is one behind you right now. The boys eyes lit up and he smiled, filled with excitement, "What do they look like?" "They are beautiful.... they look like all the colors of the rainbow." Then his Auntie ji leaned over and whispered a special secret in his ear. It was meant just for him, "Shppsssppsshhhhhpsspsh" He was very happy, "O, wow! What a wonderful secret!" When he got back home, his sister said, "You look so happy, you must have talked to Auntie ji." "I did! I'll never forget what she said. It made me feel like... like.... a.. SUPER STAR!!" For his whole life, he never forgot that message.

The universe is always giving us messages; showing us what we need to do, and helping us do it... all the time. The question is... Are you paying attention? When you pay attention.... then you hear. How do you pay attention?

  Close your eyes.... Breathe long and deep.... Relax.

  Do you hear the voice of the wind?

  Do you hear the voices of your angels?

  Do you hear the wisdom in the voice of your Grampa or your Auntie?

  What do you hear?

  You can see and hear the messages the universe is sending you when you are ready to see them and hear them.

  Are you ready right now?

  Shhhhhhhh.......... listen.......

Guest Storytellers:  Mr. SikhNet Gurumustuk
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 13 - 17, 18 and over, 7 - 12