he emperor Jahangir had heard many things about Guru Hargobind, the sixth Guru, who was a soldier/saint. Enemies of the Guru had told the emperor that the Guru is raising an army. They told him that the Guru doesn't respect the worldly authority of the King, and calls himself "The True King". Jahangir decided to go and visit the Guru to see his character for himself.

When he visited the Guru, he found the Sikhs to be very kind people, the Guru was very wise, strong and friendly. He began to doubt the slander he heard, in fact, the emperor even began to admire the Guru. The Guru told him of the teachings of Guru Nanak and the way of life of the Sikhs. As they were becoming friends the Guru and the Emperor went hunting. On the hunting trip a fierce tiger, that was lurking in the jungles, leaped out at the Emperor. Jahangir himself and all his royal soldiers were too afraid and didn't know what to do when this vicious tiger came at them.

Guru Hargobind, who was very brave and strong, got off his own horse and stood between the tiger and the emperor. When the tiger attacked Guru ji quickly moved; he blocked himself from the sharp claws and teeth of the tiger and at the same time dealt a mighty blow with his sword. The Guru was so skilled and strong that he severed the tigers body all the way through. Emperor Jahangir was even more impressed now that the Guru had saved his life. The emperor was now convinced that Guru Hargobind wished him no ill will and the rumors he heard were totally false. Guru ji said "In the house of Guru Nanak there is all love and justice. My Dharma teaches me to be friendly with everyone and it teaches me to do good to all. May God be with you O king."

[After that another episode occurred between the Guru and the Emperor. Click here to listen to "The Guru, The Emperor and the Grass-Cutter"]

Storyteller:  Guruliv Singh
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 13 - 17, 7 - 12