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Gobind Rai and Shiv Dutt

Young Gobind Rai was a very playful boy and he and his friends used to go down to the riverside to play almost every day. They weren't the only ones who went there. A lot of people used to bathe at the river Ganga because it was also a holy spot. One of them was Shiv Dutt, a very rich and wise man. At the riverside he built a platform and placed statues of different gods on it to make a kind of altar. He did his prayers and recited his chants in front of this platform. He was a spiritual man and was greatly respected by others.

Shiv Dutt was also very alert, and noticed that one of the children who always played at the river was special. This child was always happy, he was strong and handsome, he had a bright face, and he was a natural leader. Anything he did, even if it was unexplained, always helped others in the end.

Every day Shiv Dutt came early in the morning to do his ritual. While meditating, he closed his eyes and listened to his intuition. One day in his meditation Shiv Dutt heard a voice. It was a soft voice from inside, which said, "The child you see playing here is merged with God. He is sent from the Holy One."

Just as Shiv Dutt opened his eyes, he saw Gobind Rai coming for his usual time of playing with all his friends. Suddenly, he felt he could see the truth everywhere. He heard the sound of God's name in everything. With every splash of water at the riverside, Shiv Dutt heard, "Govind". He heard "Govind" with every breeze and with every laugh of the children. Shiv Dutt was amazed to have this experience.

Normally when the children came to play, they played loudly and joyfully, so most people would leave because they didn't like the noise. The same day Shiv Dutt had his experience, another man at the riverside was very sick. He had an awful disease. His body was falling apart and he was always in pain. He was a leper. He was praying at the Ganga, chanting,"O Holy Ganga, I do not know what karma I've earned from the past. Please forgive my karma. Please heal me and make me whole."

Suddenly, from behind, Gobind Rai snuck up behind him and pushed him completely in the water! The man was shocked and angry. He had gotten soaking wet and he was ill. That was it! He was about to punish the boy who pushed him in, and approached him shouting "You little brat!" But then he noticed something amazing... his body had stopped hurting. He had a sensation of coolness and his skin felt soft and soothed. He looked at himself and realized he had been cured! His body was totally healthy.

Instead of trying to punish Gobind Rai he ran over to him and fell at his feet. He got lost in gratitude, "You are the real Gobind, you are Gobind, you are Gobind..." Meanwhile Shiv Dutt had watched the whole divine scene. He became completely convinced that Gobind Rai was sent from the lap of God. He felt that this child was the true form of what he had been meditating on.

Shiv Dutt thought, "He is a savior sent to the earth. He is here to relieve the suffering of the world." He also came to the feet of the divine child, saying "You are the true form of Govind. You are the beloved lord Govind. You are Govind. I can see you with my own eyes, divine Govind."

From then on Shiv Dutt spoke to Gobind Rai like an adult. Gobind Rai liked their conversations and came to the river so Shiv Dutt could talk with him. They talked about God and philosophy and life, and Shiv Dutt always felt that even though Gobind Rai was a small child, he was very wise. He knew Gobind Rai was a great thinker and learned person.

They had many friendly and mature discussions, which were amazing as Gobind Rai spoke sweetly about everything he learnt from the heavens. And in his heart Shiv Dutt knew Gobind Rai really was sent from God.

Storyteller:  Harijot Singh Khalsa
Age ranges:  1 - 6, 7 - 12