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 Once upon a time there was a bright light. It was the Big Beautiful Light that filled up everything everywhere, and that was all there was.

‘I am’ ‘I am... I am the one in every one’

Like the sun it shone and the light was made of love and happiness. One time the Big Beautiful Light got so happy it exploded with joy. Little pieces made of light began to appear. All of the pieces of light vibrated with love. Everything we see and hear and everything we cannot see or hear, all of it is filled with the Great Light. Now near the big beautiful light there were lots of little lights, like sparks. All the little sparks loved being near the big beautiful light but some of the sparks got further and further away. The further away they got, the sadder they became. They longed to return to the Big Light because that was where they were the happiest

In the Big Light I feel at home, even though I am farther away now it is still ok because I have some of the Big Light inside of me.

Then one day a little spark came into the world in the form of a beautiful girl. She was the youngest out of five children who came as sparks. All of the other sparks wanted her to be just like them, but she was different.

My Dearest spark, Don’t worry about the voices outside, just chant the name of the guru within.

Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru......

I am with you now, I will always be with you

She sparked very beautifully because she remembered the Big Light inside of her.

As the little girl grew older she began to forget her Beautiful Big Light and was more interested in family friends and school.  

The world was an exciting place, there were lots of good people... and some not so good.

Years passed and the girl had little children of her own, she loved them for they were close to the Big Beautiful light too!! She loved to take them to the park and play with them and have lots of fun together.

The little spark proclaimed "Now I understand, the Big Beautiful Light has created a big universe and in that wonderful universe there are lots of little sparks everywhere, in the trees, grass and rocks. And there are sparks inside of every animal and person. But sometimes I forget and then I feel lonely and sad and I just want to be with you again.Sometimes I have remembered you and sometimes I forgot you. How can I always remember You and never forget You?"

Oh my dear, sweet spark, I have not left you for a moment. Every time you want to feel me.... meditate on the Naam. Rise in the early hours of the morning and go to the Guru’s house. 

My light is very strong there. Then you will be with me ALL day!

By the Guru’s Grace the girl mediated in the early hours of the morning and found her own light once again.

The girl now lives closely with her Big Beautiful Light everywhere she goes.

by Gurmit Kaur 

Guest Storytellers:  Sarabjot Kaur Khalsa
Topics:  Fun, Life Lessons, Bed Time
Age ranges:  13 - 17, 7 - 12