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Baba Deep Singh: Greatness Through Gurbani

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Baba Deep Singh was a strong Sikh of Guru Gobind Singh's. He did many bani's everyday, he was a wise scholar. He rose everyday early in the morning and would get absorbed in remembering God. At the age of seventy he was a mighty and skilled warrior. His words had such a power that when he promised to do something it would surely be done. He was the leader of a village outside of Amritsar. During that time the Durranis had invaded the area. They tried to conquer the Khalsa and they even took over the HariMandir Sahib. When Baba Deep heard they had gone this far he stood before his people and said, "They have invaded our homeland, they have taken the Hari Mandir Sahib. They are many, we are few but fight we must. What is the use of our lives if we don't fearlessly act with all our courage? Come with me if you want to die." He took out his heavy long double edge sword and drew a line on the ground. All the men stepped over to his side. "I will not rest until my head is bowed at the HariMandir Sahib." Baba Deep bravely announced.

Off they marched to Amritsar loudly calling "Bole So Nihal." When the met the opponents they were greatly outnumbered but they charged and fought with everything they had. Many great brave men left their bodies that day. Though there were many times more enemies the Sikhs laid down very many of them. Baba Deep fought like a ferocious lion and cut off many heads with his heavy sword. Then the enemy general came on to the field to challenge Baba Deep. As they battled many watched in awe and fear. With a mighty blow Baba Deep dealt a fatal blow to the general, at the same time the general gave an equal blow that cut off Baba Deep Singh's head. A Sikh seeing this called to his immortal soul and said, "Baba ji, you told us you would not rest until your head bows at the threshold. Here you lay ready to die 3 miles away from Hari Mandir Sahib. You can not go back on your word. That would let us down and betray your word to the Guru!"

Although his head was no longer on his body Baba Deep heard this call. His body began to move and get up off the ground. He picked up his head with one hand and placed it back on his neck. With his other hand he continued walking forward sending many men out of this earthy life. The enemies were astonished. It was hard enough to battle the Sikhs who hadn't already died, now their leader went on fighting after he had been decapitated. They got afraid and many ran away. After fighting forward for a distance Baba Deep Singh took his head and threw it high in the sky. It flew miles to reach it's resting place on the parkarma of the HariMandir Sahib. He fulfilled his vow to not rest until his head bows within it's walls. His soul lifted and he easily merged with the Universal Soul like a drop of water mixes with the ocean. Great are Gods saints, may their memory forever live!

Note: This story was originally published on Jan 9th 2009

Storyteller:  Guruliv Singh
Age ranges:  7 - 12, 13 - 17