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Ajeet Singh - The Invincible Lion - SikhNet Stories for Kids

Introducing the story of Ajeet: The Invincible Lion, a story that is also a shabd! Or is it a shabd that is also a story...?

Ajeet Singh is surrounded by a group of kids who won’t share toys or play with him. They bully, tease him and bring him down! His mom advises him to seek out kids with different qualities, those who are happy and kind like the type of kid he wants to be. Ajeet learns that true friends bring out the best in each other.  

Gurbani can inspire and guide even the littlest lions. Its timeless universal message can help Sikh kids powerfully deal with bullying or any adversity in their life. This book hopes to inspire kids to live in eternal optimism and find the sangat that leads them to becoming the best versions of themselves!

Hi! My name is Ajeet Singh. My name means that I am an invincible lion. Sometimes I'm brave and fearless like a lion, and sometimes I'm not. After all, I'm just a kid. I learn so much every day. 

At school there are some kids that bother me so much! It's really hard because there are 5 of them and only 1 of me. 

They don't share or take turns. They think they are the best at everything, and they get mad when I play with the toys. It's really hard to be around them. 

I try to talk to them nicely, but it doesn't help. I try to ignore them, but it's so hard. I try everything, but they won't stop bothering me! I don't know what to do. 

I come home and tell Mumma. She tells me to find the happiest kids with the biggest smiles at school and play with them instead. She tells me that everything is going to be okay and reminds me that I am an invincible lion. 

The next day, I see the kids that Mumma was talking about! It made me happy when they asked me to play. 

We have lots of fun together. When I am with them, I feel brave and strong like a lion. I'm lucky to have found great new friends. 

My friends and I challenge the other kids to a basketball game, and we win! After the game we all give each other high-fives and we become friends. 

Mumma takes us all out to ice cream and tells us: "You are all invincible lions; you just need to practice your ROAR!" 

Dedicated to all the children of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. 

Guru Arjan Dev Ji was a divinely inspired writer, musician and enlightener to pursued mental and physical sovereignty for all. His timeless teachings inspire all ages and backgrounds. Those who follow his words live a life of bliss and eternal optimism. May his teachings inspire us all forever. 

-By Brave Lion Books

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Guest Storytellers:  Natasha Kaur, Bhajeet Singh
Topics:  Fun
Age ranges:  1 - 6